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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Jon Brockman ‘That’s how it’s done’ trick shot video is pretty funny

If you’re going to make a trick shot video in the year 2012, you had better get creative. These things were worn out in 2011. Everyone from college football backups to college soccer players to professional golfers had a go at it last year. It was the thing to do. At least Milwaukee Bucks forward Jon Brockman kept it casual and used a catch phrase. And he even broke out a Paul Blart impression.

Not bad for a guy who has averaged one point per game this season. As for the most impressive shot, I have to go with the one he made from the catwalk a couple hundred feet up. That must have taken tons of tries and I like how they showed it the entire way through in slow motion to prove its authenticity. Nice touch.

H/T to It’s Always Sunny in Detroit for the video

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