Kevin Durant does not know why people view LeBron James as the bad guy

Over the past few days, LeBron James has ripped off a streak of positive headlines in the media. Typically he is everyone’s favorite villain, but between showing his support for Trayvon Martin and defying Heat security so some military personnel could take pictures with the team, King James has come across as a pretty standup guy as of late. One player who probably isn’t surprised by it is Kevin Durant, as Durant made it clear over the weekend that he doesn’t understand why LeBron is the “bad guy” in everybody’s eyes.

“Sometimes I don’t see why,” Durant said according to Royce Young when asked if he is the good guy to LeBron’s bad guy. “The man made a decision he wanted to make. He’s playing basketball and playing well. Sometimes I don’t see why people don’t like him too much. But as far as me and him being compared, I don’t know why either. I’m just being myself. Coming out and trying and be the best player I can be every time I step on the floor.”

The comparisons between Durant and LeBron are natural. For starters, both are superstars. However, Durant prefers to remain quiet most of the time and keep a low profile, whereas LeBron lives more of a rock-star lifestyle and seems to always find himself saying the wrong things. LeBron made a public spectacle out of choosing the Heat, while Durant hammered out an extension to remain with the Thunder in the privacy of his own home.

This isn’t the first time Durant has defended LeBron, and the fact that he has done so before further solidifies why K.D. is one of the more likeable players in the league. With LeBron, we often get the impression that being a celebrity is just as important as winning a championship. With Durant, it always seems like it’s about basketball.

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  • Gene

    KD is a great player and seems to be a great guy, period. 

    LeBron made three bad decisions: the television show to announce he was going to the Heat, not calling Dan Gilbert first out of courtesy, and that ridiculous promise of all of the championships which he made in Miami.  Other than that, LeBron has been a great NBA player and has stayed out of legal or moral trouble.  He is probably the only player in the NBA whose mother has been in  more trouble than he has.  He is unselfish and has great numbers in scoring, rebounds, assists and steals.  He plays great defense.

    If Dan Gilbert and the media call LeBron a quitter for his Game 5 performance against the Celtics, compare his stats with those of Kobe Bryant for Game 7 against Phoenix the year after Shaq left the Lakers, and then review LeBron’s stats for the whole Celtics series.”It is also nearly impossible to get a great player to move to Cleveland.  James tried his best with Bosh, but Bosh would not make the move.  It is much easier to lure a free agent to NYC, LA, Miami, or Chicago.