Kobe Bryant thinks Dahntay Jones injured him intentionally like Jalen Rose

Kobe Bryant Dahntay JonesKobe Bryant suffered a sprained ankle at the end of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 96-92 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday, and the Lakers star thinks he was injured intentionally.

Bryant was hurt attempting a game-tying jumper on the baseline. He was fading away from the basket as he shot the ball, and he landed on the leg of Hawks guard Dahntay Jones.

Bryant went down immediately and was in pain. He left the game and had X-rays which were negative. The Lakers said after the game that Bryant was out indefinitely with a “severe” ankle sprain.

The story gets much more interesting from there. Bryant said after the game that he thought Jones hurt him intentionally like Jalen Rose did in the 2000 NBA Finals. Rose, then with the Indiana Pacers, stuck his foot out to intentionally hurt Bryant during Game 2 of the Finals, causing Bryant to miss the next game with a sprained ankle.

Below is video of Bryant calling Jones’ injury intentional, and Rose, currently an NBA analyst for ESPN, admitting that he intentionally injured Bryant:

“He Jalen Rose’d me,” Bryant said of Jones after the game. “I just think players need to be made conscious of it, and officials need to protect shooters. Period. I can’t get my mind past the fact that I have to wait a year to get my revenge.”

Below is video of Rose’s play on Bryant in the 2000 Finals:

Jones heard that Bryant felt he was injured intentionally, so the Hawks guard defended himself via his Twitter account:

The problem is that Jones has a history of trying to injure Bryant. During the 2009 Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and Denver Nuggets, Jones stuck his leg out to try to trip Bryant:

The 2009 incident was pointed out to Jones. He addressed it via his Twitter account:

Bryant did not back down from accusing Jones of injuring him intentionally. He said over Twitter that Jones “knows what he did.”

Rose/Kobe video via @cjzero

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  • john doe

    how does the times day 4 AM. im on ET time zone it’s 2:34 am

  • http://www.defeatobama.com DefeatObama.com

    Simple fact the defender body checked the shooter. 

  • Robert Frykholm

    Kobe nailed it “anyone with half a brain can see it”. Kobe, those of us with a whole brain could see a defender contesting a shot. Are you getting too old for the game?

  • meatnpotatoz

     I mean he didn’t even leave his feet though…

  • FreeDrop

    New rule:  illegal to defend Kobe.

  • Chuck Lovell

    Lot of Kobe hate going on. Kobe jumps straight up and Dahntay sticks his leg under him while he was in the air.  Looks intentional to me. And with his past admission of trying to hurt Kobe i think this one is obvious.

  • NickGranite

    We’ve all seen Bryant and others kick the leg out or lean into the defender while shooting to draw the “superstar” foul.  One of the many reasons I stopped watching the NBA.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SXH5JGINWNWBYQFNCBCMRCRLCQ Joseph

    Dantay Jones, Jalen Rose and Bruce Bowen all have used this dirty, cheap defense. Jalen and Bruce were at least man enough to admit it. Jones is still a kid and he won’t admit any wrong doings……..just like a child

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.powers.3998 Tom Powers

    keep pissing him off for the playoffs…….world could be shocked……

  • Khater

    Kobe is a cry baby. Just give him the ball and let him make uncontested layups all game.