LeBron James’ shoes leave skid marks on court (Video)

LeBron James skid marks shoes

Remember how we told you that LeBron James had issues with his new “LeBron 11″ shoes from Nike? Yeah, well you can see why.

LeBron slipped as he went to change directions during the third quarter of the Miami Heat-Golden State Warriors game on Thursday, and his shoes left behind black skid marks on the court.

His shoes clearly failed him:

The Heat crew tried to scrub the court, but their efforts didn’t work:

You may recall that LeBron had problems with his own shoes last month when they were first released. He wasn’t wearing them because of his issues with them, but Nike got to work on “redefining” them.

Image via Twitter/NikeFaller

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  • SpinMax

    skid marks are easy to remove from a bball floor, gum is not

  • JimmyJK

    Just another reason not to watch the NBA. He is an out of control player who will never be as good as his AIRNESS or Kobe.

  • moshe

    how is this a reason? Haters Gonna Hate!

  • Tony G

    Oh, it was his *shoes*.

  • Tony G

    He has already surpassed Kobe.

  • A J Sharp

    The video clearly shows only one mark was left. Where did the other one come from?