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Friday, January 19, 2018

LeBron James skinny looks weird

LeBron James skinny

LeBron James has been making a concerted effort to lose weight this offseason, and let me just say that he looks weird skinny.

As Del noted a few days ago, LeBron has cut carbs from his diet and has already lost “significant weight.” He wasn’t lying. You can just see in this photo he posted to Instagram Thursday how much different James looks.

LeBron hasn’t spoken about his weight-loss efforts yet, but the speculation is that he’s trying to become lighter to prolong his career. Though he’s been listed at 250 pounds, people believe his weight has been around 265. He’s still ripped, but he doesn’t have the same mass anymore. That could make things a little easier for him going through an 82-game season.

I liked LeBron more when he had that Greek god body. Nobody could handle him going to the basket when he was that massive. Now he’s lighter and might feel the effects of hard fouls more than he used to.

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