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Saturday, June 23, 2018

LeBron James Won’t Rule Out Playing in Cleveland Again Someday

Chances are, it will never happen. LeBron James may not spend the rest of his career in Miami, but a return to Cleveland is highly unlikely. Given the way he left and judging by Dan Gilbert’s vicious letter, I’m not sure the city would even have him.  However, LeBron refuses to rule out a return.  During a recent interview with The Guardian, James smiled and said a return to the Cavs is “not impossible.”  When pressed further and asked if it was unlikely, this was his response:

“It’s not impossible. I still love the city. I have so many great memories of all those fans – so it’s not impossible.”

While LeBron’s answer certainly isn’t a surprising one and you could even call it politically correct, it’s a far cry from the karma comments he made during the 2010-2011 season.  He was also quick to say that it felt good to go back and beat Cleveland the first time he returned.  Per usual, the King felt the need to toot his own horn.

“It definitely had a different feel but it was a great moment for our team,” James said. “I think that was a big step for our team, coming together. They all rallied around me because they knew what I was going through. We won that game and after that I think we won 23 out of 24 games. And I played OK too. [laughs]”

We won’t even bother making fun of LeBron for that last comment.  As for the possibly returning to Cleveland all I can say is this: It’s a good thing the Miami Heat have only had fans for a year. Otherwise, they might be a little upset that LeBron didn’t take the opportunity to say he wants to spend the rest of his career in Miami.

Chest bump to I Am a GM for passing the interview along.

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