Raptors Fans Mock Kris Humphries with Giant Kim Kardashian Cut-Outs (Picture)

Can’t we all just leave Kris Humphries alone?  The man recently had his heart broken.  He was in love with a beautiful woman and ended up having to go through a horrible divorce.  He was completely blindsided by his relationship with Kim Kardashian going south, as she has an immaculate track record.  Yet for some reason, the poor guy was recently voted the most hated player in the NBA and has had boos raining down on him wherever the Nets travel.  On Friday night, Humphries had to deal with one of the most hilarious and brilliant forms of heckling we’ve seen from NBA fans.  Check out what some clever Toronto Raptors fans did to him:

Oversized Kardashian cutouts? Brilliant.  By now you probably realize the commentary that came before the picture was completely sarcastic.  Humphries knew what he was getting himself into so it’s almost impossible to feel badly for him.  That being said, booing him every time he touches the ball is so overplayed.  Kudos to these Raptors fans for coming up with a brilliant idea and executing it to perfection.

See, now you know exactly why Danilo Gallinari turned down Kim. This is the exact reason why it won’t be so easy to predict who the next athlete to date Kim will be.

Picture Credit: Jay Satur on Twitter
H/T Eye on Basketball

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  • Anonymous

    What and why are these people mocking Kris Humphries? Does this mocking and hating him do any good to anyone? I didnt know that some people in the USA have that hatred inate in them for no apparent reason neither  justifiable reason/reasons at all. If you were  in his position or recent fate marrying someone like KKardashian wont you feel very badly hurt? Please, stop all this nonsense,  already, letHumphries alone, let him have  complete peace of mind. Did he commit mortal sin fell in love with
    KKshian and later married her but the KKshian divorced him? Please use your mind and heart, let your brain work and be very objective and fair about KHumphries fate. Might as well kept your dirty mind and mouth into thin air and shut up forever, be it KHumphries or any one athlete, its not you life,  it is between KKshian  and GOD and KHumphries and GOD.

  • Anonymous

    We are all children of GOD, ALLAH or any religion, we should know right from wrong. We dont put  a man down already or  the more kick him when  he is already down. We dont want to be like or experience what KHumpries had  experience, nobody wants. Live him alone, let him lead a normal life again.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DRUUWLPZWYPQVLXRB2URYQF2GA Jo'san

    He makes millions of dollars every year. Putting up with fans who want him to miss every shot is part of the job. If a cardboard cut out makes an opposing player miss even 1 basket, the fans did their job. 

  • http://twitter.com/TicoAA Albert

    haha shut up 

  • http://twitter.com/TicoAA Albert


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZZZD5EEQHA37VXFGQQM6GOXY3Y Clay

    The Guy whether he knew it or not was a huge  part of a publicity stunt by KKshian and their Clan it’s over now leave him alone.It’s not like the guy pulled a Tiger or anything.Fans weren’t booing the crap out of KOBE when he went through all his bull and he was actually accused of  crime.Let Kris nurse his broken heart and get on with it.