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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Serge Ibaka calls Shane Battier a ‘big-time’ flopper (Video)

The refereeing has been a major point of contention during the NBA playoffs this year (any time ESPN hires Steve Javie to be its “referee analyst,” things can’t be all fine and dandy), and the shameful amount of flopping we’ve witnessed has been a big part of that.

So, at Thunder practice on Wednesday, Serge Ibaka was asked by ESPN True Hoop’s Henry Abbott who the biggest flopper in the NBA Finals is, and Ibaka labeled Shane Battier a “big-time” one.

“He is a big-time (flopper) … Every time he’s on the court, he’s tries to flop,” the Thunder big man said. “Before you touch him, he is ready to go, you know. We have to be careful on him because he’s a big-time flopper.”

It’s important to note that Ibaka was asked about Battier rather than he being the one who brought Battier’s name up. But Ibaka was still the one who gave the Heat forward the “big-time” tag. This wouldn’t be the first time a member of the Thunder has been peeved by Battier this series. And we’re only on Game 2.

Ibaka also said the Mario Chalmers and his own teammate Derek Fisher were bad floppers as well. And given their Best Supporting Actor-worthy performances last night, you can’t blame him for that answer.

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