Video: Detroit Pistons Players Laugh at John Kuester’s Ejection

Four Detroit Pistons players missed shootaround Friday morning in protest of Coach John Kuester, according to several reports. Two more players were late to practice, but it’s been reported that two of the “protesters” were sick while Ben Wallace had a legitimate excuse for not being in attendance. Kuester said perception was different from reality, but reality suggest a different story.

During the second quarter of Friday night’s loss in Philly, Kuester was ejected after getting called for two technical fouls. Three players could be seen laughing at the ejection, including Tracy McGrady, Ben Wallace, and Rodney Stuckey. Here’s the video:

That’s pretty unprofessional, but if you have no respect for your coach it’s not surprising to see them laughing. And with the players so obviously lacking respect for the coach, one has to wonder how John Kuester still has a job. The Detroit Pistons aren’t going anywhere, but at the least they can get someone in there who commands respect.

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  • Anonymous

    every time a hockey coach goes berzerk throwing things on the ice the players are laughing or trying hard not to. no bigdeal there. this is just a dumpsterfire

  • Anonymous

    A public apology to fans is in order. This embarrassing incident cannot be condoned in any way. As a Pistons rooter, I find it impossible to understand. I would sit these players until they admit fault. And no way can you fire the coach during the season now. These players are paid professionals. People spend absurd amounts to watch them compete. In my opinion, they stole from their employer. I’m disgusted with the situation.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yeah I agree with you there, but I’ve never thought any of these guys were difficult personalities to coach. Something has to be wrong with Kuester too, because from what I understand these guys generally are good team players.