Was Jack Nicholson sleeping at the Lakers game Friday night? (Video)

The sunglasses make it difficult to read. At first glance, I thought Jack Nicholson was looking down at his phone or reading something. It’s still somewhat of a mystery, but it certainly looks like Jack was sleeping durig the Lakers win over the Suns on Friday night. You don’t just spring up like that unless you were startled awake.

I’d like to say this happens to the best of us, but I can honestly say I’ve never nodded off at a sporting event. I’ve never had courtside seats, but I’m 100 percent certain I wouldn’t doze off if I did. Jack is probably numb to attending Lakers games since he’s gone to so many, but isn’t this supposed to be their biggest fan? You don’t see Spike Lee taking naps at the Garden. Then again, Jack doesn’t have Linsanity to keep him awake.

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  • Anonymous

    I am a Laker fan, and seeing as how Laker management seems to be sleeping why not Jack? The greatest lose  to the Lakers was losing Jerry West. They need an outside shooter, and I watch NBA team after NBA team that have shooters. Why didn’t they go after J.R. Smith? J.J.Barea? They get Kapona? Wow! How about trading Glasol and Bynum for Howard and Reddick? Then play Ebanks! Jerry West would have made whatever trade necessary by now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thudson99 Teresa M Hudson

    It looks like he’s looking at an electronic device like a notepad or cell phone. But the way he was “startled awake”, it also looks like he might’ve snoozed while doing it? Who really knows if you don’t get a full body shot.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Jack starting to show his age! And yes, he was nodding, watch how he picks his head up and opens his eyes. Busted!!