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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Who Cares About the Low NBA Finals TV Ratings

They don’t bother me one bit. Of course I’m not the one selling advertising on my multi-million dollar finals TV deal, but still. I’m really just sick and tired of hearing about how the NBA finals ratings are down. That doesn’t seem to be news to me. It’s seems so commonplace. Not just for the NBA, but for MLB, the NHL, and most televised sports except the NFL. Heck, even TV show ratings are down. So why do people constantly bring up the dropping ratings as if it’s a big deal?

This is just the increasing trend in television these days. There are so many options out there for people to watch on the tube (and internet), that shrinking ratings don’t make me bat an eyelash. And I don’t think David Stern is blowing smoke when he says he’s not concerned about the low ratings. He shouldn’t be. Compared to the competition, they’re doing fine. What do people expect, 15 shares for the NBA finals? That’s just not in the cards these days.

Just because the NBA finals have low ratings does that mean basketball isn’t popular? Does that mean people aren’t watching? Does that mean nobody likes the NBA? No, no, and no. The ratings are bullcrap. Good fodder for us to poke fun. But I won’t fall for that trap.

If the NBA were struggling for viewers, then why did they set their all-time record for highest regular season and post-season attendance with 23.4 million fans? Why is the game broadcast to 205 countries in 46 different languages? If the NBA is doing so poorly, and can’t draw, then how do you explain that type of proliferation? You can’t. And that’s my point exactly. If it ain’t the Yankees, or the Knicks, or the Celtics, or the Red Sox, the ratings are going to be low. Get used to it. Just don’t let it fool you into thinking that the sports aren’t thriving, because they are.

(both statistical notes in above paragraph via The Sports Professor, Rick Horrow)

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