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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Yankees Fan LeBron James Wears Dr. Dre’s Red Sox Headphones

LeBron James just can’t win, can he? The dude’s so high-profile that anything he does is over-scrutinized and over-analyzed. First, he showed up to a Yankees/Indians 2007 ALDS game wearing a Yankees hat. Cleveland fans of course were incensed that LeBron would slap them in the face by openly rooting against his hometown team and their beloved Tribe. LeBron’s somewhat of a front-runner considering he’s a Yankees and Cowboys fan but that doesn’t concern me. What was more interesting to me was that LeBron was wearing Dr. Dre’s Red Sox headphones at Fenway Park for the season opener Sunday night. Here are a few pictures:

This situation really reminds me of the ESPN commercial where David Ortiz is caught trying on Jorge Posada’s Yankees hat and it offends the Red Sox mascot. LeBron could be called a sellout whose allegiances sway with the wind but all he was really doing here was helping out a friend promote a new accessory. I don’t think anything of it but I wouldn’t be surprised if Yankee fans become disappointed and people use this nugget to say LeBron’s not going to the Knicks.

Photo Credits: gleerjr9472 and beats by dre

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