Bryce Hunter? Can you spot all the errors in this brutal MLB graphic

Bryce Hunter graphic

In the realm of broadcasting graphic fails, this one comes out on top.

This graphic was shown during the middle of the Kansas City Royals telecast on Thursday, and it is full of an absurd amount of errors.

The question: “Which young player would you like to start a franchise with?” is posed to viewers. Putting aside that they end their question with a preposition, it’s embarrassing how badly they bungled this image.

Let’s list all the mistakes.

1) Bryce Harper is erroneously called “Bryce Hunter”
2) Harper is shown as a Detroit Tigers player, not a Washington National
3) Matt Harvey is erroneously called “Matt Jones”
4) Harvey pitches for the New York Mets, not the Baltimore Orioles
5) Manny Machado plays for the Baltimore Orioles, not the Chicago White Sox
6) Mike Trout plays for the Angels, not the New York Yankees

If we missed any other errors in the graphic, please let us know. There has to be more.

Image via Mock Session

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=562851734 Kyle Schroeck

    The only thing that makes this better is a Red Wings logo instead of the Tigers.

  • Derrick Preston

    Yeah, the graphic is a disaster. But you got one criticism wrong: For starters, it’s long been established that the whole ending-sentence-with-a-preposition rule is the result of a few pedants’ misunderstanding of how English relates to Latin. It’s a bogus rule that has no legs to stand on, not unlike the whole split-infinitive thing. However, even if you want to side with those pedants, you then need to realize that it was these same exact people that preached, conversely, that the one time that you are actually supposed to use a preposition at the end of the sentence is in a question. (The rule is still taught in Oxford and Cambridge textbooks, even though some acknowledge that it’s archaic.) The offending sentence in question in that graphic is of course a question.