Freddie Roach: Do Not Be Surprised if Manny Pacquiao Ends Fight in First Round

In case you missed it, we shared the video on Tuesday night of Antonio Margarito and Brandon Rios mocking Freddie Roach’s mannerisms (must check out the pics). Roach is Manny Pacquiao’s trainer and he developed Parkinson’s Disease following his boxing career. The video was pulled by the reporter who created it, but its message has not disappeared: Margarito and his crew are a bunch of childish idiots who lack respect and regard for others.

Needless to say, Freddie Roach was livid when word of the video got back to him. According to tweets by LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire (as relayed by Luke Thomas), “Freddie Roach says he’ll never again talk to Margarito and his camp based on their videotaped mocking of his Parkinson’s symptoms.” Here’s the money shot though, “Roach said it ‘shows the character’ on top of loaded-gloves scandal, and said, “don’t be surprised if this fight ends in the first round.”

Roach (and any sane-minded creature in the boxing community) already had something against Antonio Margarito for unethically loading up his gloves with plaster wraps. Now the stakes have been raised to an entirely different level since things have become personal. When Manny Pacquiao steps into the ring, he’s not fighting for himself, his fans, and a multi-million dollar paycheck; he will be fighting for the reputation of his respected trainer, Freddie Roach.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3G7BXJAED4HKICMC5D6VITZDEU Jun

    that’s bad to insult someone has has disease….u know…


    kArMa comes in next… the clock is ticking…

  • Anonymous

    This time the boxing commissions of America should ban Margarito and his trainer for life for the distastefu, disrespectful l and insulting video. They did not only insult Roach but also the millions of people around the world who are afflicted with Parkinson’s.

  • Anonymous

    This time Margarito and his trainer has crossed the line. This video is comparable to the video of Mayweather insulting Pacquiao. Margarito should be ban for life now by the boxing commissions in the US as the video not only insulted Roach but also the millions of people around the world afflicted with Parkinson’s.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QFENG3EII6NQXRZE4EOV52WXRU Nereus

    thinking that margarito should be given a chance to fight. but after the action they have given, i think the california athletic commission was right. margarito should be banned forever even for other sports. only death can give him a chance to fight, if he can fight when he is dead.

    it is called the “The Art of War.” whey (margarito camp) were prepared physically but they were not prepared mentally.

  • http://twitter.com/noysmaykr mb

    Margarito and his group are pathetic fools. They are all bad examples to SOCIETY in general after making fun of someone’s affliction. People with a disease have no choice but to accept it. In contrast, Margarito had the choice whether to load his gloves illegally or not! With Margarito’s character exposed through his mockery, who would think he was innocent of illegal hand wraps!!!!! What an expose of a stupid criminal before everyone’s eyes!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YB74Q5H3KC2K73HOZNYCL5CXS4 dennis

    it is very timely that AFFLICTION sponsored MARGACHEATO and with what he had done with this inhumane act of mockery with someone of disease.I hope he wont be AFFLICTED with all unimaginable,debilitating and scornful diseases the medical world has known of.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CXFRPK6WIIUNT4HPHSQTPR6Z5E Karol

    “don’t be surprised if this fight ends in the first round.”

    “joke coah roach”
    -maywethaer SR.

    “it’ll be 3 rounds for hatton


  • http://dcart72.blogspot.com/ dcart

    Freddie Roach is a complement of Manny Pacquiao and vice versa — the father and son in boxing. When Pacquiao seems to ignore his critics, Freddie attacks them with his verbal outspoken assault.

    Read more: http://sportales.com/sports/pacquiao-and-freddie-father-and-son-in-boxing/

  • Anonymous

    On Dennis Guillermo’s Examiner site, Robert Garcia claims that Margacheato and Rios didn’t know Freddie Roach has Parkinson’s Disease. In Eli Sechbach’s video, Robert Garcia clearly is seen egging on Rios to imitate Freddie’s mannerism. Margacheato’s camp is a camp of LIARS!

    You just angered Pacman all the more. Round 1 is all there is to it for you Margacheato!

  • Anonymous

    Pacquiao is fierce inside the ring and gentle and kind outside. This incident is outrageous and Pacquiao knows he can only settle this inside the ring with the Cheato.
    Now I am convinced this fight won’t go the distance and we will witness a chopped down tree fall on the canvas like a log. The wrath of Pac carries with it the karma
    on his opponents. Very exciting this Saturday! Could hardly wait!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HPDKZSFLFLZIPCDKJBRTHRZLQU Enrico

    maybe they dont know that the fight with pac will be on sunday

  • Anonymous

    don’t worry man the video is now scattered on facebook…hahaha..

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry man the video was already scattered on facebook….hahahaha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F5ITSYFKTNG6DYC5JS4K757IXE jam

    fk Marga and Rios… now they say they dont know about Roaches PD? ..like he didnt know he had rocks in his pads? what does he know? fking liar!