Manny Pacquiao Does Not Think Floyd Mayweather Jr. Wants to Fight

Manny Pacquiao said on Tuesday what anyone who follows boxing could have already told you: Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not want to fight him. Pac Man is preparing for his Saturday bout on Showtime against Shane Mosley while Floyd hasn’t fought in just over a year. Incidentally, his last opponent was also Mosley.

Speaking with a few media members at the MGM Grand, Pacquiao was asked about Floyd. He tried to deflect the questions saying “I don’t want to talk about Mayweather’s issues. I’m the kind of person where I don’t want to talk about him behind his back.”

When asked about whether it’s better for the sport for the two to fight, Manny said that was the case “but I don’t think he really wants to fight.”

Originally I blamed Pacquiao for not submitting to the drug testing Floyd proposed believing that Manny should follow through if he didn’t have anything to hide. I still believe that’s the case. However, I’ve been convinced by Floyd’s lack of action that he really is not interest in fighting Pac Man. There’s no other way around it. The only good news is that Floyd may be returning to the ring this summer. When that happens we can finally discuss the potential dream fight again.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M4SR4WTVUG4HTLAQ7INE4HETNI tAd

    “Originally I blamed Pacquiao for not submitting to the drug testing Floyd proposed believing that Manny should follow through if he didn’t have anything to hide.”

    – one of my fave movies of 2000 was the contender….Joan Allen said “Principles only mean anything when we stick by them when they’re inconvenient,”….same can be applied to PACMAN. he is the champion and as much as the fight with PBF is that lucrative sometimes others are just distinctively of principle than others. sure the money is huge but PACMAN knows he can earn the same with a couple of fights without compromising what he stands for besides when the time came that team PACMAN yielded to most of PBFs demand it became apparent that such action were mere excuses.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5TB4BI5HNOZTFALYLQWD4Z5KHU Shelter Az

    He boasts about him being undefeated, when in truth he was given a win due to his name…. Castillo in first fight, beat the crap out of him, and was robbed out of a win…. Yes he beat him in second fight, but does not hide fact, he indeed lost the first one….

    Pacman should NOT have to cater to his every whim, about different blood tests, or anything…. The Nevada State Athletic Commission does a fine dob already, MWJ is just scared…. Then he has his dad who sounds brain dead and can barely speak, as well as his uneducated uncle bad mouth Pacman…. Pacman would whoop the WHOLE family….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5TB4BI5HNOZTFALYLQWD4Z5KHU Shelter Az

    If I was Pacman, I would tell him, I’ll fight you, when you go BACK to School and get some Education….

  • Anonymous

    floyd be a MAN.quit your excuses and start fighting a real fighter…dont be wasting your time quarelling with women……you wont make milllions doing these crap….got it…