Manny Pacquiao’s mom puts hex on Timothy Bradley (Video)

Manny Pacquiao is a very religious and spiritual man, and it’s no surprise he got it all from his mom, Dionesia.

In fact, if you watched the rematch between Pac-Man and Timothy Bradley on Saturday night in Las Vegas, there’s no way you missed Pacquiao’s mom seemingly placing a hex on Bradley.

HBO cameras flashed to Dionesia during the fight and showed her holding a cross in her hand and reciting what appeared to be some sort of prayer while also pointing a finger towards the ring.

Was she putting a curse on Bradley? Praying for her son? Who knows? But I do know that was some interesting placement with her middle finger, I’ll tell you that much:

Manny Pacquiao mom

Regardless of whatever she may have been doing during the fight, it was nice to see Dionesia go up to Bradley and give him a hug after the fight.

Though she probably was praying for her son to win, she most likely wanted to see both fighters escape without suffering an injury. Her son ended up with a cut above his left eye from a headbutt, but that was about it. It was probably the exact outcome she wanted.

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Video via @bubbaprog; GIF via GIFD Sports

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  • inparis

    Hey it worked.

  • http://www.HeadshotRedDot.com/ Steve Densmore

    A Catholic woman using black magic? That’s odd.

  • mmelody885

    its not black magic…its a prayer.

  • Danny Velarde

    That doesn’t even make sense.. #dumbass

  • Anne Lynne

    hahaha,,it is not a black magic dude………

  • http://www.HeadshotRedDot.com/ Steve Densmore

    Know what you’re talking about before you try calling someone out, dumbass. “Catholic theology defines magic as the art of performing actions beyond the power of man with the aid of powers other than the Divine, and condemns it and any attempt at it as a grievous sin against the virtue of religion, because all magical performances, if undertaken seriously, are based on the expectation of interference by demons or lost souls.”

  • http://www.HeadshotRedDot.com/ Steve Densmore

    If she was “hexing” him, it would be strictly forbidden by her religion. That’s the point I was getting at.

  • Gerie Berry

    That was simply a prayers for her son. I don’t think she realize that she is using her middle finger as she was holding her rosary praising n praying.

  • Gerie Berry

    The mother of Manny was a devoted Catholic. She was just praying for her son by holding a rosary n it happened that her middle finger pointing in a wrong position bcoz of d way she holds d rosary.

  • Junice Grana

    Seriously she’s old, and old filipino people don’t know what is meant by pointing your middle finger to a person.

  • Samuel Arvias

    It’s quite obvious she wasn’t simply praying, that was paganism in the guise of Catholicism. If her spells actually worked, Bradley would’ve probably dropped dead on the canvas.

  • pnut166

    Moooom ! You always embarrass me in front of the guys ! Gosh !

  • mond akpo

    one question? if not magic or one of her provincial black power? why do she placing it to Bradley, people are blind you think devil power is gone? or if someone pretend to be Catholic she cant belong to somewhere and you know they need this title by all means anythings can happen, since Manny is fight have you see his mother in the boxing arena? my advice anyone who want to fight Manny Pac man again should bring his mother and cook himself with black power. watch it very well since it started it Bradly started weakling not move like bull he is doing from the starting of the fight! do you believe if is Bradly mother that acted that way, you think Bob Arum will accept? this some reason floyd mayweather jr refuses to fight Pac man and give his condition,mayweather is not scared of Pac man but he want Natural fight not game fight, why not pac man accept his condition if he has no skeleton in his cardboard? don’t be deceived brothers