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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Roy Jones Jr. Knockout Video Shows he Needs to Retire to Protect his Health

Roy Jones Jr. is following the same sad path many aging boxers do — fighting well past the point they should. When we found out Roy was fighting two months ago, we asked one simple question: why? Jones Jr. was thoroughly embarrassed by Joe Calzaghe in 2008 which should have been a direct hint he needed to retire. His loss to Danny Green the next year was equally bad. But that didn’t deter Roy from taking a fight he shouldn’t have, and he paid the price.

Jones Jr. was knocked nekked by Denis Lebedev during his fight Saturday evening in Russia to the point smelling salts could barely wake him up. Check out this video of the brutal knockout he suffered:

Roy, you used to be great, but you’re old and no longer able to protect yourself in the ring. Please stop fighting for the sake of your health. We want to see and hear you provide competent fight analysis on HBO in the future, not struggling to form sentences when you speak. Please, please, please give it up. Boxing fans are begging you.

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