ABC7 in LA pranked by ‘Louis Slungpue’ during UCLA flood coverage (Video)

KABC in Los Angeles must have some pretty stupid people working at the station, because they let a prank caller by the name of “Louis Slungpue” on the air during their live coverage of the UCLA flood, and they didn’t even realize they had screwed up until the caller said the cause of the flood was someone taking a large dump. Seriously.

Don’t ask me how someone posing as “Louis Slungpoo” didn’t set off any alarms among the call screeners. Don’t ask me why they thought it would be totally normal for a DWP spokesperson to just call in on their own. Don’t ask me why the anchors and producers didn’t figure out they’d been “had” when the prank caller suggested some college students started the pipe break by dropping a cherry bomb down the toilet.

I can’t answer any of that.

But it was pure gold when, upon being asked about what led to the water main breaking, Slungpoo answered, “We’re in the investigation phase. Either a cherry bomb or someone took a really large dump.”

And the best part? The anchor’s totally serious response.

“Are you sure about that?”

Yes, we’re pretty sure about that. You’ve been had by someone slinging poo. Seriously, how dumb does ABC7 have to feel about allowing this graphic to appear on their TV screen:

Louis Slungpue

Troy Tulowitzki’s name misspelled on Rockies giveaway T-shirts

The Colorado Rockies held a Troy Tulowitzki T-shirt giveaway on Saturday night, but there was one problem — the shirt manufacturer misspelled the star shortstop’s name:

Troy Tulowitzki misspelled shirt

As if it weren’t bad enough that fans don’t get to see Tulo because he’s on the DL, now they’re stuck with a misspelled last name on the shirt. What, like Tulowitzki is a tough name to spell?

Actually, this might not be a bad thing. Sometimes mistakes make items better collectibles. Horray for the first 15,000 fans who got this bum shirt!

Photo: Twitter/PurpleRow

Michael Jeter? CBS News royally screws up Derek Jeter tweet

Michael Jeter tweet CBS News

Ooph! When it comes to epic screwups, this is up there.

CBS News sent a tweet during Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game linking to a story about Derek Jeter, who just so happened to be the biggest focus of the entire game. The only problem is they screwed up his name. Badly.

What do you think, did the person running the Twitter account mix Jeter and Michael Jordan? Jeter and Michael Jackson?

After an embarrassing mistake like that, you figure CBS News might poke fun at themselves for the blunder. But 10 minutes after leaving the tweet up there for all of mankind to laugh at them, they finally decided to address matters. They disappointingly played it straight:

Samsung Arabia wishes Landon Donovan, Team USA good luck


Considering Samsung mobile devices are designed to bring you stuff like emails, text messages and news as quickly as possible, I can’t really think of a worse promotion than the one Samsung Mobile Arabia ran on Sunday morning.

The official Samsung Mobile Arabia Twitter page has been tweeting photos of some of the world’s best players and wishing them luck before their games at the World Cup in Brazil. Some of the bigger names have included Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Landon Donovan. Wait, what?

As of the time I’m writing this post, the tweet has been live for four hours. Apparently word of Donovan’s World Cup snub has yet to make its way to Dubai. You mean they didn’t see the infamous tweet from Jurgen Klinsmann’s son? It’s probably time to get with the program.

H/T For the Win

Blackhawks accidentally tweeted ‘f— your mother’ in Spanish

The Western Conference Finals came to a thrilling end on Sunday with the Los Angeles Kings pulling out a 5-4 victory in overtime. Despite their disappointing result, the Chicago Blackhawks still delivered plenty of excitement for fans — both on the ice and on social media.

After Patrick Sharp scored a power play goal late in the second period to give Chicago a 4-3 lead, the Blackhawks official Twitter account tweeted a pretty standard photo. One of the hashtags, however, was anything but ordinary.


As Deadspin pointed out, “chingue a su madre” is a Spanish term that means “f— your mother” or “motherf—er.” EPN is an acronym for Enrique Pena Nieto, who is the president of Mexico. Obviously, the person running the Blackhawks’ Twitter fell victim to autocorrect. Here’s what it was supposed to say.

Hey, it could have been worse. Just ask US Airways.

Kendall Jenner is ‘the worst reader’, everyone (Video)

Kendall JennerKendall Jenner proved that she really is a part of the Kardashian family when she had an airhead moment at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

Jenner, 18, was supposed to present the band 5 Seconds of Summer, but she just about called them One Direction.

Did Kendall have One Direction on the brain because she dated group member Harry Styles? If so, that’s definitely a win for him. But at least Kendall played it off well by telling everyone that she is “the worst reader.” Guess that Sierra Canyon education is more overrated than we thought.

Video via Barstool Big Cat

Mike Epps busted for sending tweet that he’s at Heat-Pacers game

Mike Epps PacersActor/comedian Mike Epps was totally busted Sunday for trying to brag that he was at Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Pacers and Heat in Indianapolis.

Epps, who is from Indianapolis, has been all about the Pacers lately. His avatar features him in a Pacers jersey. He sent tons of tweets to get the people pumped up for Game 1. He was trying to prove himself as a leader of “Pacer Nation.” Witness:

And then came the cheerleading during the game:

Seems all good so far, right? Epps trying to etch himself into the Pacers fabric as the team’s celebrity fan. We get it. But then he went out and did this:

Yes, that’s a picture of the Heat and Pacers playing, but it’s not from Sunday’s game. The Heat were wearing red and the fans were wearing yellow. Whoops!

Nice try, Epps. You can do your best, but you can’t fool us!