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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Gene Steratore explains inadvertent whistle that cost Patriots

An inadvertent whistle may have taken a touchdown away from the New England Patriots Monday night, and there’s really only one way to describe how it happened. People make mistakes. After New England’s 20-13 win over the Buffalo Bills, referee Gene Steratore explained what happened on the play. “I think as the quarterback started to…Read More

Patriots screwed by inadvertent whistle against Bills (Video)

The New England Patriots were on the wrong end of an inadvertent whistle during their game against the Buffalo Bills Monday night, and it may have cost them a huge play. Tom Brady scrambled out of the pocket to keep a play alive early in the third quarter when, for no apparent reason, a member…Read More

Wisconsin Twitter’s scheduled tweet celebrates basketball win after losing

Whoever handles tweeting from the Wisconsin athletics account got a lesson in the perils of scheduled tweets on Saturday. The UWBadgers account sent out a pre-scheduled tweet on Saturday about how the women’s basketball team looked to emulate the men’s after the big season-opening victory Friday night. There was just one problem: the men’s team…Read More

Reporter Sarah Davis makes classic herniated disk screwup

Reporter Sarah Davis fell victim to one of the most common broadcasting slip-ups we see. While doing a report during Thursday’s Boston Bruins-Colorado Avalanche game for NESN, Davis tried to say herniated disk, but you can guess what she ended up saying instead: David wasn’t the first, nor will she be the last to make…Read More

Nationals calendar had picture of Fenway Park on front

An official 2016 Washington Nationals calendar was sent out to retailers recently, but there was just one problem – the wrong ballpark was on the cover. The team calendar displayed a panoramic photo of Boston’s Fenway Park on the cover, even billing it as Nationals Park in Washington, DC. Hey @Nationals you might want to…Read More

Microphone guy at Saints game falls down

One of the game-day employees at Thursday night’s Saints-Falcons game had a bit of a mishap on national TV. One of the men holding a parabolic sound dish down by the end zone fell over while covering the opening kickoff of the second half of the game: It’s one thing to see the person fall…Read More

NFL admits officials missed clock error in Chargers-Steelers game

The NFL has admitted that a mistake was made with the game clock near the end of regulation in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win over the San Diego Chargers Monday night. In a statement on Tuesday, NFL spokesman Mike Signora acknowledged that an error by the stadium scoreboard operator resulted in 18 seconds being inexplicably taken…Read More

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