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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

College Basketball

Derrick Williams Drank His Muscle Milk Before the Duke Game

This moment of madness brought to you by Muscle Milk®. It’s powerful protein. Drink. Evolve™ If there’s one player who has made a name for himself this NCAA Tournament, it would be Arizona forward Derrick Williams. The man his teammate Momo Jones once called a “skinny bum” muscled his way to 13 rebounds and 32…Read More

Duke Alums Criticize Cameron Crazies for Lack of Passion

Normally when college alumni speak out about their alma mater’s student section, it’s to let them know they need to show more class.  This is especially true of high profile basketball programs.  I can remember numerous times during my four-year career at UConn that the message from former students was quite clear: tone it down….Read More

Bruce Pearl Is a Con Man, but He Has Media Immunity from Many Commentators

Tennesse coach Bruce Pearl was fired on Monday after six successful years as the school’s basketball coach. The charismatic man ended up losing his job for committing NCAA violations and then lying about his actions to the NCAA and his school. What’s amazing is that even though he committed numerous recruiting violations — making several…Read More

Tennessee Fans Wanted to Keep Bruce Pearl and Fire AD Mike Hamilton

Tennessee fired head basketball coach Bruce Pearl on Monday, a move that we heard was in the works from before the tournament began. The Vols’ 75-45 hideous loss in the first round of the tourney to Michigan made the execution much easier, as did the comments from Tobias Harris after the game saying the team…Read More

VCU Proving it Deserved a Tourney Bid

When the NCAA Tournament brackets first came out, the at-large selections that drew the biggest criticism were VCU and UAB. Even Dick Vitale, who sees more positive signs in college hoops than a third grade math class, ripped the selection of VCU. Before the tourney started, I said on twitter that VCU had to be…Read More

Big East Had Many Good Teams but No Great Teams

It was widely acknowledged that college basketball was down this year. There was one bonafide superstar — The Jimmer — and you could possibly argue that the heroics of Kemba Walker were in a similar class. Relatedly, Duke, Ohio State, and Kansas were all very good, but few would argue they were great teams. Freshman…Read More

Luke Hancock Has Flu, May Not Play Against Ohio State

It would take a major upset for No. 8 George Mason to take down No. 1 Ohio State on Sunday afternoon. The task became that much tougher with the news that one of their top starters, sophomore forward Luke Hancock, has yet to arrive at the arena and is sick in his hotel room with…Read More

Pittsburgh-Butler Ending Was Called the Right Way (Video)

Controversial? Yes. Shocking? Sure. Unfortunate for Pittsburgh fans? Absolutely. A referee debacle? Quite the contrary. Take it from a person who had Pittsburgh winning the National Championship in his bracket — the referees got the ending of the Pittsburgh-Butler game right on Saturday night.  In fact, I commend them for not being afraid to make…Read More

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