UTSA punter Kristian Stern does ‘The Bernie’ after good kick (Video)

UTSA-punter-BernieUTSA nearly pulled off an upset against Arizona on Thursday night. The Roadrunners came up just short with a 26-23 loss, but their punter won the night in my book. Anyone who busts out “The Bernie” in the middle of a game is a boss.

Kristian Stern helped keep UTSA in the game in the second quarter when he pinned Arizona deep inside their own 5-yard line, eventually leading to a safety. He then started doing “The Bernie,” which is a dance that originated from the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

You won’t see a better celebration from a punter all season. That I can promise you.

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Arkansas Little Rock AD resigns after being caught on hot mic talking about player’s hot mom

UALR AD Chris Peterson

Longtime University of Arkansas-Little Rock athletic director Chris Peterson abruptly resigned from his job on Tuesday after being caught talking dirty about a soccer player’s mom last month during a live broadcast.

According to the Arkansas Times, Peterson was having a press box conversation with members of the school’s sports information staff during an Aug. 22 women’s soccer game between UALR and Chicago State. Typically a video feed of the game is shown on the school’s website, but this time a microphone was left on, transmitting sound during the first half of the game. That’s how Peterson’s inappropriate comments ended up being broadcast.

Here are some of the things Peterson said about the player’s mother.

“She had her s– hanging out, too. Remember that? ….. I got to make sure I’m in town for the weekend on Parents Day.

“She had two of ‘em and they were out there for display.”

Peterson submitted his resignation on Tuesday and will serve his final two weeks with the school on leave. His official date of resignation is Sept. 15.

“What one hears from the Director of Athletics on the live video transmission of the women’s soccer game on August 22 is unacceptable for a person in a University leadership position. Director Peterson apologized for it and resigned,” said school chancellor Joel Anderson in a statement.

Peterson was entering his 15th year as the school’s AD.

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Joel Stave does not have an injury, admits he might have the yips

Joel-StaveWisconsin quarterback Joel Stave led the Badgers to a 9-4 record last season and an appearance in the Capital One Bowl, which is one of the bigger non-BCS bowl games. Stave, now a junior, threw for 2,494 yards, 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last season but has been unable to play this year because of an injury. Or maybe not.

On Tuesday, Wisconsin coach Gary Andersen announced that Stave would be shut down indefinitely to rest his injured shoulder. Later that day, both Andersen and Stave admitted the whole injury excuse was a lie. In reality, Stave’s shoulder feels fine. He simply can’t make throws he once could.

“I’ve thrown how many thousands of balls in my life?” the quarterback told reporters, per Jesse Temple of Fox Sports Wisconsin. “I know when it hurts and when it doesn’t. I don’t know what it is. It just isn’t right, I guess.”

Stave said he can’t put his finger on what exactly “isn’t right.” When asked if he is suffering from a variation of the yips, the No. 10 all-time passer in Wisconsin history would not rule it out.

“Maybe on some level,” he said. “I’ve heard of that, too. The yips, a golfer who can’t hit it straight and stuff like that. I know I can throw the ball. That’s something that since I’ve been a kid, not even just football, I’ve been good at throwing things. I could throw a baseball. Give me a volleyball, I can chuck it across a gym.”

Stave’s problem is obviously between the ears. Broadcasters noted during warmups before Wisconsin’s game against LSU that his throws appeared to be well off the mark. The Badgers went on to suffer a tough 28-24 loss to LSU. Tanner McEvoy, who got the start over Stave, completed just 8-of-24 passes for 50 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions.

The Badgers may end up desperately needing Stave, and he knows he has to find a way to stop overthinking things.

“I’ll be throwing it good, throwing it good and then all of a sudden I feel like I hang on to it too long,” he explained. “One will sail, one will slip and then you start thinking, ‘Oh I’ve got to hang on to it longer.’ That’s what happens when you start thinking too much.”

Stave wouldn’t be the first quarterback to struggle because of pressure, but what makes the situation bizarre is that he played so well last season. You would think his confidence would be high after an impressive year, and Stave insists confidence is not an issue. Hopefully he can work the problem out sooner rather than later.

Colorado State coach Jim McElwain angry mayor of Denver didn’t know his name (Video)


Colorado State defeated Colorado 31-17 on Friday night in an annual in-state rivalry game to win the Centennial Cup. After the game, the trophy was presented to Rams head coach Jim McElwain by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. The mayor ended up making himself look bad by not doing his homework.

Hancock either forgot McElwain’s name or didn’t know how to pronounce it, which led to an irritated McElwain grabbing the microphone from the mayor and correcting him. McElwain gave a chuckle before being handed the trophy, but he clearly didn’t find Hancock’s oversight to be humorous. He was still steaming on Monday.

“The mayor doesn’t even know the head ball coach’s name, I guess that really shows where we are and where I am as a program,” McElwain said without smiling, via Brian Olson of KUSA. “Boy, that makes a guy feel good. The guy giving you the trophy can’t spit your name out?. Shows you how much they care about Colorado State right?”

The video of the exchange and McElwain’s comments is below:

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Baylor students trampled running onto field prior to football game (Video)

Baylor officially opened its brand new McLane Stadium on Sunday with a 45-0 victory over SMU. Robert Griffin III was in attendance for the unveiling of a statue in his honor and so was George W. Bush, who handled the pregame coin toss.

baylor-line-tramplePrior to Baylor taking the field at home games, a tradition by the Baylor Line takes place. Freshmen gather in one of the end zones, charge onto the field, and create a tunnel for the Bears football team.

Unfortunately, some of the group had a memorable time for the wrong reason.

As the students rushed the field, a few ended up on the ground and were subsequently trampled. Thankfully, no one appears to have been seriously injured.

The Baylor Line has its own section behind the opponent’s bench and got a visit from the school’s first Heisman Trophy winner during halftime.

Auburn ball boy is insanely fast (Video)

Is it possible that one of the most athletic people on the field at an SEC football game wasn’t even a player?

Auburn ball boyOne of the ball boys for the Auburn-Arkansas game Saturday showed off some insane speed when he chased down and pretty much kept pace with Tigers wide receiver Melvin Ray on a 49-yard touchdown catch.

Did you see how fast that guy was? He came out of the gates like he was running from a pride of hungry lions. Guy closed faster than a Radio Shack store.

If Auburn hasn’t already invited him out for a tryout, some other programs have to. Guy can run.

Byron Marshall pulls a DeSean Jackson, drops ball before end zone (Video)

Byron MarshallByron Marshall had a monster game for Oregon in the Ducks’ season-opening 62-13 win over South Dakota on Saturday night in Eugene, but it would have been even bigger if not for a mental mistake.

Marshall took a second quarter handoff and broke through the defense for what should have been a 54-yard touchdown. However, he dropped the ball just before crossing the goal line, which turned a touchdown into a touchback.

“Out of all the good that happened tonight that’s really the only thing replaying through my mind,” Marshall said after the game, according to the Daily Emerald. “Stuff like that shouldn’t happen.”

No, it certainly should not. Marshall still had 228 yards and two TDs in the victory.

Here’s another look at the blunder:

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