Lil Terrio now a Redskins fan thanks to DeSean Jackson

Lil Terrio Redskins

DeSean Jackson has signed with the Washington Redskins, and he’s taking his biggest celebrity fan with him.

Yes, D-Jack shared a picture on Instagram Saturday of internet sensation Lil Terrio wearing a Redskins hat. Terrio has been making waves on the internet since the summer when Vine videos of him dancing went viral. He’s become a celebrity of sorts and even showed up at Super Bowl media day to film videos.

Jackson has been hanging with Terrio for months, and now he has the little critter switching over to his new team. Ooooh kill ‘em!

Arian Foster worried about Lil Terio and his Uber rant

Lil-Terio-UberLil Terio, known to many as Cousin Terio, has taken the internet and the NFL by storm over the past year. The dude has more than 750,000 Instagram followers, and he posts daily videos which get thousands of likes. Those videos have Houston Texans running back Arian Foster concerned about him.

On Wednesday, Terio posted a series of videos on Instagram of himself riding in a car with an Uber driver. He was giving the guy all kinds of s—. Here’s what Foster had to say about it.

You can watch the videos below.

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Drake shouts out to Johnny Manziel in ‘Draft Day’ song


Johnny Manziel has not been spotted hanging out with Drake much recently as he prepares for the NFL Draft, but that does not mean the former Texas A&M star’s boy isn’t making music about him. Drake released a track called “Draft Day” on Tuesday night, which is not exclusively about Manziel but clearly has plenty to do with him.

For starters, Drake released the song on SoundCloud along with a photo of Johnny Football sandwiched between a couple of young ladies. And then there’s this opening line:

“Draft day, Johnny Manziel. Five years later how am I the man still. Draft day, A-Wiggins…”

A-Wiggins refers to Kansas star Andrew Wiggins, who announced earlier this week that he will enter the NBA Draft. Sean Lester of The Dallas Morning News also speculated that Drake may have been referring to Manziel’s autograph scandal last year with the line, “Suits and ties, yellin’ out pay the guy,” but that seems like a stretch to me.

We all know Manziel and Drake are boys, so the song is about as surprising as those shirts we saw Drake and his crew wearing earlier this year. You can read the full history of Manziel’s connection to Drake’s Topszn Regime here. The “Draft Day” song, which contains NSFW language, can be heard below.

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Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron got an insane engagement cake


AJ McCarron and his girlfriend Katherine Webb finally got engaged on Friday, and the former Alabama quarterback did not disappoint with the ring he gave his soon-to-be wife. But it wasn’t nearly as extravagant as the cake they enjoyed.

The happy couple had an incredible cake featuring an edible Alabama helmet with McCarron’s No. 10 on it, a Miss Alabama USA sash for Webb and a replica of a ring box. Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly a humble brag. These two are awesome and they expect everyone to know that.

Photo: Twitter/Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron get engaged to be married

AJ McCarron Katherine Webb engaged

Many of us were wondering when AJ McCarron was going to “put a ring on it” and wife up gorgeous girlfriend Katherine Webb, and it looks like that day has finally come.

Webb tweeted late Friday night to say that she and AJ were engaged. She shared a photo of the two of them hugging, and the picture also shows off her nice sized diamond engagement ring. She also shared another photo of her ring, which she says AJ designed:

The announcement comes at a big time in McCarron’s career. The former Alabama quarterback is preparing for the NFL draft and will soon be going pro. Now that he’s locked up a big free agent, he’ll be starting his family and will have a soon-to-be wife joining him in the city of whatever team drafts him.

McCarron’s mom, Dee Dee, is very close with Katherine and shared her excitement about the news over Twitter:

Remember back in September there were all these rumors about them breaking up? Webb tried to dispel those reports by saying we shouldn’t believe everything we hear. Maybe they never did break up, or if they did, it didn’t last very long.

Also: remember that these two actually met via Twitter! Here is the full history behind their entire relationship.

Photo: Twitter/Katherine Webb

Rachel Snider hints naked photos were leaked by T.O.

Rachel Snider selfie

Some nude photos of Rachel Snider made their way onto the internet Thursday, and Snider hinted that Terrell Owens is to blame for the leak.

Snider is the postal worker to whom T.O. was married for two weeks. The two were married in California in late January, but the union was as brief as can be. She accused him of marrying her for her money — specifically so he could get approved for a home loan. He denied that was the case. Both expressed a desire to file for divorce in early February.

But the drama didn’t end there.

Snider was reportedly hospitalized following a suicide attempt in February. We noted last month that she is seeking alimony from Owens.

On Thursday, a Twitter account popped up and apparently shared some nude photos of Snider. She confirmed through her Twitter account that the pictures were of her and said they were private photos only intended for her husband.

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Charles Barkley swears he has more money than Boomer Esiason (Video)

Charles Barkley was in peak, peak form during halftime of the Florida-UCLA NCAA Tournament game on CBS Thursday night. He seriously had me laughing so hard my neighbors were wondering what was going on.

It all started before the game when CBS showed a picture of Barkley at Auburn in 1984. Chuck joked that he remembered that year well because it was the last time he was poor. So when they returned for more analysis at the half, CBS shared a list of other now-famous people who hadn’t “made” it in 1984. Chuck, of course, proceeded to dish on each person on the list, but he was quite confused when they showed Boomer Esiason.

Charles Barkley made it

Chuck swore he had more money than Boomer and his reasoning was great.

But the fun didn’t end there!

CBS then shared the “tweet of the night,” which came from Shaq. That led Chuck to rip on his “Inside the NBA” partner in hilarious form:

By the way, looks like Chuck was right: