War Machine captured by US Marshals in Simi Valley

War Machine mug shot

War Machine was captured by US Marshals and Simi Valley police without incident Friday after they found him at an extended stay hotel, a week after his alleged assault against porn star Christy Mack.

The Marshals’ investigation indicated that War Machine, real name Jonathan Koppenhaver, was in Simi Valley, Calif., which is his hometown. Here’s an official statement:

Further investigation revealed he was staying at the Extended Stay America Hotel located at 2498 Stearns Street in Simi Valley. Simi Valley Officers along side United States Marshals pinpointed his exact room and arrested him without incident.

Inside the room was a small quantity of cash and some pizza. The United States Marshal’s Service turned Mr. Koppenhaver over to the Simi Valley Police Department for booking on his warrant from Nevada. He was transported to the Ventura County Jail.

War Machine is facing seven counts for his alleged assault on Mack, which took place last Friday morning. Mack posted horrifying photos of the aftermath of the beating she received.

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Mack said in a statement on Monday that War Machine broke up with her in May and showed up at her home unannounced last Friday. She says she was with a friend who was fully clothed and unarmed, and she says War Machine began beating the man. The other man has been identified as Corey Thomas. After letting the man go, Mack says War Machine began beating her. Mack says War Machine punched her, kicked her, and broke at least 18 bones in her body during the incident. She says she escaped when he went to the kitchen, presumably looking for a bigger knife. She fled and began knocking on neighbors’ doors until one finally let her in and called 911.

War Machine tweeted his side of the story and said he had an engagement ring he was going to present to Mack. He claimed he was acting in self-defense and fought for his life. He also said he went on the run because he did not think he would get a fair shake from law enforcement/courts. War Machine’s brother says War Machine caught Mack having sex with Thomas and that Mack pulled a knife.

Christy Mack – police hung up on emergency phone calls, took 15-20 minutes to respond

Las Vegas police hung up on two emergency phone calls and took 15-20 minutes to respond to the Christy Mack emergency situation, a neighbor says.

KSNV-TV in Las Vegas interviewed one of Mack’s neighbors, Dashanka Giraldo, who helped save Mack when the porn star knocked on her door after escaping from her house following the alleged assault by War Machine.

Giraldo described Mack’s horrific condition.

“You couldn’t even tell she was a woman. You just saw hair and a mingled mess,” Giraldo told KSNV.

What’s even more concerning is the lack of response from the police.

Giraldo says police hung up on her mother, who called immediately after letting Mack in the house. Giraldo also says police hung up on Mack when she called. Giraldo says it took the cops 15-20 minutes to get to the their neighborhood.

War Machine is at large and wanted on multiple assault charges. He is facing 7 counts, including domestic violence, strangulation and assault with a deadly weapon. The late response to the emergency calls helped War Machine escape. Even famed bounty hunter Dog The Bounty Hunter is currently pursuing the wanted man and former Bellator MMA fighter.

Christy Mack beating

Corey Thomas was other man in Christy Mack-War Machine saga

Corey-ThomasThe man that Christy Mack was allegedly with when War Machine attacked her is Corey Thomas, according to TMZ.

Some of you may be familiar with Thomas if you watched the VH1 show “Megan Wants a Millionaire” back in 2009. Corey, who made a fortune in web design, was reportedly with Mack the night War Machine showed up at her home and went ballistic. When telling her side of the story, Mack said she is just friends with Thomas and that he was fully clothed.

Mack says War Machine broke up with her in May, though LB pointed out that posts on War Machine’s Instagram account from as recently as Aug. 3 indicated he was still with Christy. War Machine’s brother, Michael Eugene Koppenhaver, claims Mack and War Machine were still together and that he returned home last Friday to find her having sex with another man.

Koppenhaver says War Machine got into a physical altercation with the other man — who was apparently Thomas — and then acted in self defense after Mack went after him with a knife.

While we don’t know who — if anyone — is telling the truth, TMZ reports that Thomas has a broken nose and two black eyes from War Machine attacking him. War Machine also supposedly bit him in the face. We also know that Mack suffered some pretty gruesome injuries, as evidenced by these photos that she shared.

War Machine has yet to turn himself in and Dog the Bounty Hunter has not been able to track him down.

Ronda Rousey compares herself to Mike Tyson

Ronda RouseyRonda Rousey doesn’t just beat her opponents, she dominates them. The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion has won all 10 of her UFC fights by knockout, with nine of the wins coming in the first round. Her most recent fight lasted just 16 seconds. Does Rousey’s ferocity remind you of a certain famous boxer?

Some have argued that Rousey’s dominance is bad for women’s mixed martial arts, as people will become bored if she is not challenged. When discussing that issue recently, Rousey pointed out that no one got bored with Mike Tyson.

“Mike Tyson had some serious competition too, don’t forget. It wasn’t always easy,” Rousey told Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times. “People knew from those fights to get there immediately. You never know what’s going to happen in one of my fights, either. That’s the advantage I have over my opponents and what draws the fans in so much. From the second my fight starts to the second it’s over, nobody sits down.”

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UFC boss Dana White shared some similar thoughts, also comparing Rousey’s fights to Tyson’s.

“(That’s) like saying they should have had some better fights for Mike Tyson,” White said. “The Tyson era was one of the most awesome eras in boxing history.

“You hear Ronda Rousey’s last fight went 16 seconds and you’re like, ‘Sixteen seconds?’ But what she did in those 16 seconds was un … believable. For 16 seconds, she traded punches, knocked [Alexis Davis] out with one, caught her under her arm, kneed her to the stomach, threw her and then hit her with about 15 punches. That all happened in 16 seconds.”

Tyson won 50 of his 58 fights, and 44 of those wins came via knockout. Rousey has a long way to go before she can be compared to one of the greatest champions of all time, but we see the point. UFC fans boo mercilessly when fighters dance around for 15 minutes before making an actual attempt to hit their opponent or take them down. Complaining about Rousey’s dominance makes no sense.

War Machine’s brother: Christy Mack was caught having sex, grabbed a knife

War Machine Christy Mack

There are two sides to every story, and War Machine’s version of what transpired between him and Christy Mack last week seems to differ from Mack’s version.

Mack, who wound up in the hospital with 18 broken bones and severe injuries, gave her side of the story on Monday. She says War Machine broke up with her in May, moved out of her home, and showed up at her house unannounced early Friday morning. She says she was with another man who was fully clothed and unarmed. Mack says War Machine beat the other man, told him to leave, then beat her. She says he used a knife against her and that she only escaped when he went to the kitchen to look for another knife.

War Machine’s brother, Michael Eugene Koppenhaver, spoke with BJPenn.com on Tuesday and shared his brother’s side of the story. There are quite a few differences between their stories.

Here’s what War Machine’s brother told BJPenn.com:

Christy Mack and War Machine were in fact still together, and were seen at a Bellator event several weeks ago. He returned to her home to find her having sex with another man. War Machine and the other man got into a physical altercation and Christy grabbed a knife, and War Machine in fact fought for his life, much like he claimed on Twitter when the incident first occurred. Michael went on to tell us that the reason War Machine hasn’t turned himself in is because the judge from his last stint in jail would be his judge in this case, and he feels that she wouldn’t grant him a fair trial.

Forget for a second the part about why War Machine hasn’t turned himself in yet.

This is what War Machine hinted when he first tweeted about the incident. He said he had an engagement ring and couldn’t believe what he came home to see. He also tweeted that the cops would never believe him.

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Also, posts on War Machine’s Instagram account indicate he and Christy Mack were still boyfriend-girlfriend. As recently as August 3, he shared a dirty post indicating he and Mack recently had sex. He labeled her his “Woman Crush Wednesday” on July 30. He also shared pictures of them together every day from July 25-27.

As of now it seems like one or both of them are not being completely truthful about what happened. What we do know is that Mack was beaten severely, and it seems pretty evident that War Machine administered the beating. However, things change in terms of the criminal ramifications if War Machine was acting in self-defense.

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War Machine once said he would kick Dog the Bounty Hunter’s ass

Dog-the-Bounty-HunterWar Machine is still on the run from police after he allegedly beat his girlfriend Christy Mack. There is a $10,000 reward being offered for his capture, but anyone who tracks War Machine down will have to get to him before Dog the Bounty Hunter does.

After Mack released a series of gruesome photos of the alleged injuries War Machine inflicted on her, TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter announced he is pursuing the former Bellator MMA fighter. And then a Bloody Elbow reader remembered this tweet from more than four years ago.

We’ll just have to see about that. Dog has already gathered some information on War Machine and said Tuesday that he believes he is on drugs. Imagine if Dog actually caught War Machine?

Does War Machine have a steroids problem?

War Machine muscles

On the surface, War Machine exhibits obvious signs of a steroid user.

War Machine, whose real name is Jon Koppenhaver, is massive and has unnatural looking muscles. He has veins coming out of everywhere. His muscles have muscles.

On top of that, War Machine seems to have a short fuse and tendency to show aggression. He was arrested for assault five times in a 3-year span from 2009-2011. Ex-girlfriend Christy Mack says he used to beat her weekly. Last week he raged on her and one of her friends, putting Mack in the hospital with severe injuries.

Now War Machine is on the loose and wanted by police, and there is a $10,000 reward offered for his capture. That has led TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter to pursue him.

In an effort to get the word out so he can be aided in his pursuit, Dog has been doing interviews. In an interview with MMA Mania, Dog said he believes War Machine is on drugs and has heard the fighter has a steroids problem.

I think that there is some kind of drug, brother, that is involved, whether it be steroids or some other substance because I hope to God this guy isn’t naturally like this. I don’t think he was drunk. What I found through my initial investigation is that in the last three or four years, his life and personality took a nose dive. That comes from talking to people on both sides — families, neighbors, relatives — we’ve talked to a lot of people already. I think that he needs to turn himself into me, tell his side of the story and get out of whatever is causing him problems. Again, I’ve heard it’s steroids, but whatever, he needs to get in prison, dry out and then maybe come out and be a referee or something.

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Dog gave War Machine a warning on Tuesday about time ticking before he would pursue the fighter on the run. Dog said he was close to capturing the fighter. We’ll see how this shakes out.