Mario Balotelli posed for selfie with two guys who ran onto pitch during match

mario-balotelli-ac-milanThere’s always the uncertainty of what’s about to happen when fans run out onto the field at sporting events. They know what their intentions are, but security and players don’t so it’s a nervous time until the intruders are apprehended.

On Sunday, during a friendly match between AC Milan and Manchester City, two Milan fans made their way onto the pitch at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and headed straight toward Milan’s Mario Balotelli.

There was no need to be alarmed however, the two guys just wanted selfies with the Italian star. And because he’s Mario Balotelli, the member of Italy’s squad at this summer’s World Cup obliged.

AC Milan lost by a final score of 5-1, not that the pitch invaders got to see the match in its entirety because they were taken away by security. They did, however, secure a pretty memorable selfie that will live on forever thanks to the internet, so the day was a success, I suppose.

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Tim Howard wants to know if Knicks have cap space for him

Tim Howard diveLooking ahead to 2015, the New York Knicks will have a considerable amount of salary cap space available thanks in part to the contracts of Amar’e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani expiring next year.

Unfortunately, at the moment there isn’t much wiggle room for Phil Jackson to work with in terms of adding worthwhile pieces for the upcoming season.

Not that Jackson was necessarily looking in his direction, but U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper Tim Howard seems interested in taking up a piece of that available cap space, according to this tweet he posted on Thursday.

Based on his heroics in the recent World Cup, Howard’s value likely will never be higher so it may take a max deal to bring the 35-year-old on board, which means Phil Jackson has a while to ponder the possible addition. Given the loss of Tyson Chandler, the Knicks will need defensive help. If Howard can protect the Knicks’ basket like he did the United States’ goal, it might be worth it.

Just a thought.

Rihanna partied with German team after World Cup


Rihanna, who was born in Barbados, may have been Germany’s biggest supporter during the World Cup final on Sunday. The 26-year-old musician was tweeting her support of the German team all afternoon and called watching them win the World Cup the “most epic experience of my life.”

After the match, Rihanna got to party with the players. Or, should we say, they got to party with her.

Rihanna partied the night away with the world champions and took a number of photos holding the World Cup trophy. To say that she was geeked out would be a massive understatement.

For whatever reason, Rihanna seemed like she supported every team except the United States during the tournament. We’re not saying she has to root for the US, but it seemed like she was trolling at times when she rooted for Ghana, Germany and Portugal as they were playing the US in group play.

To each her own, I guess. At least she had a good time. 

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End of World Cup broadcast interrupted by tornado warning in New York (Video)

Thousands of viewers from southern New York and northern Pennsylvania were left wondering if Germany held onto their 1-0 lead over Argentina at the end of the World Cup on Saturday. With just over five minutes remaining, WENY in New York interrupted the broadcast of the match to issue a tornado and severe thunderstorm warning. The weather alert lasted the remainder of the game.


Imagine if Argentina had scored the equalizer and all those people missed it? I know a tornado warning is important, but isn’t that why we all have cell phones? I’ve had flash flood warnings wake me up in the middle of the night, so I’m sure a text can be sent for a tornado warning.

Deadspin rounded up a bunch of tweets from very angry people who missed the end of the match, and most of them contain four-letter words. Hey, at least they’re not dead.

Mario Gotze girlfriend Ann Kathrin Vida Brommel is the real MVP

Mario Gotze girlfriend Anne Kathrin Brommel Vida

What was better for Mario Gotze? Scoring the goal that gave Germany the World Cup over Argentina? Or the fact that he could celebrate with his model girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brommel Vida afterwards?

Think about how much Gotze has going for him right now. He’s 22 years old, plays for Bayern Munich and the national team. The guy scored the only goal of the World Cup finals! He’s a legend. A hero. Never has to buy another Becks in his country again.

And this is what he goes home to.

Even Gotze can’t resist the hotness of his girlfriend.

Probably not a good idea to wear a Speedo to the pool next time, Mario.

Head to Page 2 to see many more pictures of Ann Kathrin Vida Brommel and some other German WAGs.

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Mario Gotze scores goal in extra time to give Germany World Cup (Video)

Mario Gotze won the World Cup for Germany with a goal in extra time Sunday to account for the only goal in his country’s 1-0 win over Argentina.

Gotze, who was a late-game substitute for Miroslav Klose, put in a left cross to score the only goal of the game. The 22-year-old midfielder didn’t even play in the semifinal win over Brazil and only had one goal in the World Cup prior to scoring in the final.

The win gives Germany its fourth World Cup and marks the first time a European team won a World Cup in South America.

Here he was taking it all in after the win:

Mario Gotze

Palacio rocking the rat tail haircut, throwing it back to the ’80s

Palacio rat tail hair

When Rodrigo Palacio came on during the World Cup final between Argentina and Germany on Sunday, nobody was more excited than ABC announcer Ian Darke.

Darke was ecstatic to remind viewers that Palacio would be bringing the throwback rat tail haircut onto the pitch.

Look at that tail swinging side-to-side as Palacio ran onto the field:

The only way to make that ’80s haircut any better is to photoshop Miley Cyrus swinging from the rat tail like a wrecking ball.