Dog interrupts soccer game, takes dump on the field (Video)

Dog soccer fieldAs if soccer players don’t already have enough obstacles on the field, now they have to worry about avoiding dog crap.

During a game Sunday between Rosario Central and River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a dog ran onto the field and interrupted the game. We’ve seen animals run onto the field during games before, and most of the time it’s pretty cute. But this dog decided to leave his mark on the match.

With the unlimited green grass around, the dog proceeded to pop a squat in front of one of the goals and unload. Then the dog created some more fun by running away from the players until it was carried away off the pitch, where it presumably got a spanking, and hopefully not a Sochi-style execution (allegedly).

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Audio: Manchester United fan calls police after loss to Sunderland

Manchester-UnitedWe all know that soccer fans have a tendency to do some incredibly irrational things, and Manchester United fans are some of the most dedicated in the world. On Wednesday, Manchester United was bounced from the Capital One Cup following a shocking shootout loss to Sunderland. One fan felt that the result constituted an emergency.

A Man. U fan (who was presumably under the influence of alcohol) called 999 after the game, which is the United Kingdom’s equivalent of 911. As the Manchester Evening News noted, he demanded to speak to former Man. U manager Alex Ferguson, who has not been with the team since last July.

“The result is all wrong, they had extra time and it was a total and utter load of rubbish,” the caller told the dispatcher after being reminded that he had called an emergency line.

When asked if he wanted to report a crime, the guy said that he did.

“Yeah, a crime,” he mumbled. “Yeah, I’ll report a crime. The crime is that Manchester United — Manchester United were absolutely … knackered.”

The Manchester police later released a Facebook statement urging fans to never call an emergency line to talk about soccer results and to try calling the team directly.

While it’s easy to chalk this up to soccer fans being soccer fans, we should note that similar stuff has happened in the US on numerous occasions. Remember the time a Milwaukee Brewers fan called 911 after he misplaced his TV remote? Or how about the guy who called 911 and demanded to speak to Tim Tebow? Yeah, there are idiots all over the world.

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Cristiano Ronaldo steals Lionel Messi’s girlfriend in great photoshop picture

Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi girlfriend

Cristiano Ronaldo ended Lionel Messi’s streak of four (three since the award merged with FIFA Player of the Year) straight Ballon d’Or awards by winning the honor at the FIFA Awards in Switzerland on Monday night. Ronaldo, who finished second the past two years and won it in 2009, was extremely emotional upon winning the award and even cried.

Ronaldo was a very deserving winner, but what we’d like to focus on is how his victory led to a fantastic photoshop picture. Not only did Ronaldo take the award from Messi, but he also took the Argentine’s girl, Antonella Roccuzzo, who’s seen sitting on the Portuguese star’s lap in the picture.

Is that not the best photoshop picture you’ve seen? It makes Messi look like the saddest person ever. He’s sitting all by himself wondering how he lost his girlfriend and his award. Suddenly that bright red suit doesn’t look so snazzy anymore, huh?

Alright, so enough fun with that one. Here’s what the original photo looks like:

OK, so Messi still looks bewildered in that photo. I’ll admit that.

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Arsenal fan covers himself in jam after Nicklas Bendtner scores game-winning goal


Arsenal forward Nicklas Bendtner was an unlikely hero in his team’s win over Cardiff on Wednesday. The 25-year-old has been booed throughout the season as he has struggled to make an impact and mostly finds himself sitting on the bench. With the score tied at 0-0 on New Year’s Day, Bendtner was called upon to provide a spark.

Bendtner entered the match in the 64th minute, which prompted an Arsenal fan to make a regrettable promise on Twitter. James Stokes was so confident Bendtner could not score a goal that he said he would do this:

In the 88th minute, Bendtner netted a goal that eventually turned out to be the game-winner. Stokes tried to back out when Arsenal scored an insurance goal to make it 2-0, but he eventually gave in to his followers and later purchased a jar of jam before posting the photo you see above.

Ironically enough, Dirty Tackle pointed out that this is not the first time this season that a Bendtner goal has resulted in a foreign substance being smeared on the human body. Earlier this year, an Arsenal fan vowed to put toothpaste on his mother’s eyebrows if Bendtner put one past the keeper. Unfortunately for the innocent mother, the fan kept his word.

Never change, soccer fans. Except the ones that throw explosives onto the field and gamble their houses away — you can change a little bit.

Tony Parker, Nicolas Anelka in trouble for making controversial ‘quenelle’ gesture

Nicolas-Anelka-quenelle-gestureSan Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker and Premier Leaguer striker Nicolas Anelka — both natives of France — have found themselves in hot water for making a controversial gesture that many perceive to be anti-Semitic. Anelka made the gesture, known as the “quenelle” salute, after scoring a goal on Saturday. A photo of Parker making the gesture alongside French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala surfaced over the weekend.

Some people believe the gesture is an inversion of the Nazi salute that has been made popular by Dieudonne. Parker, who said the photo of him and the comedian was several years old, released a statement of apology on Monday.

“While this gesture has been part of French culture for many years, it was not until recently that I learned of the very negative concerns associated with it,” Parker said, via ESPN.com. “When l was photographed making that gesture three years ago, I thought it was part of a comedy act and did not know that it could be in any way offensive or harmful.

“Since I have been made aware of the seriousness of this gesture, I will certainly never repeat the gesture and sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding or harm relating to my actions. Hopefully this incident will serve to educate others that we need to be more aware that things that may seem innocuous can actually have a history of hate and hurt.”

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Soccer owner Vincent Tan boos his own team (Video)

Vincent Tan booHave you ever seen an owner boo his own sports team? If not, there’s a first for everything.

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan was seen booing his own team after they blew a 2-0 lead in the final 10 minutes against Sunderland Saturday and ended up in a tie. The draw instead of the win leaves Cardiff City just two points above relegation status in the Premier League.

Tan fired Malky Mackay manager on Friday and is a hated figure among the fans. After buying Cardiff City in 2010, he changed the team’s primary colors, logo and crest. And now he’s booing his own players. This won’t end well, you can guarantee that.

Video via Pro Soccer Talk

Alex Morgan got a leopard onesie for Christmas


Alex Morgan loves to have a good time. Whoever bought a leopard onesie for the US women’s soccer star this Christmas is obviously very aware of that.

Morgan, who has brought us some of the best Halloween costumes we have featured on LBS over the years, proudly rocked the footie pajamas on Wednesday and posted it on Instagram for the world to see. Earlier this month, she got engaged to her boyfriend. An engagement ring and a leopard onesie in the same month — can you say best month ever?

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