Caroline Wozniacki took Instagram shot at Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki said she was looking for more followers on Instagram, and what better way to drive some attention to your account than by starting a mini-controversy?

Woz seemingly took a shot at ex-boyfriend Rory McIlroy with a post on Thursday that featured her wearing high heels.

“Out and about in Istanbul. It’s been 3 years since I have worn heels on a normal day out. #feelsgood #looksgood #shopping #highheels #sun,” she wrote on her account.

Here’s the picture she shared:

Wozniacki is 5-foot-10, while McIlroy is shorter at 5-foot-8. She probably did him some favors by wearing flats when they were together.

Cute jab, but definitely mild.

If this is all Woz is going to do say about McIlroy, then he got off lightly for someone who supposedly dumped her over the phone.

Ivo Karlovic and Dudi Sela shared great handshake after match (Video)

Ivo Karlovic beat Dudi Sela 7-6, 7-6 on Thursday at the Claro Open in Colombia in an unremarkable match. The post-match handshake, however, was pretty remarkable.

Sela is 5-foot-9, so he thought it would be pretty funny to bring a chair to the net so he would be closer in height to the 6-foot-11 Karlovic. When Karlovic saw what Sela was up to, he cracked a smile and didn’t hesitate to give Sela a hug.

Sela must have had the whole thing planned because dude sprinted to the back of the court for the chair as soon as he lost the match.

Even with the chair he still wasn’t eye level with Karlovic:

Ivo Karlovic Dudi Sela

The height advantage helps Karlovic get a ton of speed on his serve, which helped him reach the finals of the tournament. As for Sela, it’s pretty impressive at his height that he barely lost to Karlovic in two tiebreakers.

Roger Federer’s twin daughters wore matching dresses at Wimbledon and looked adorable

Roger Federer twin daughters Wimbledon

Roger Federer may not have won Wimbledon this year as he hoped, but he still gets to go home a winner.

The 32-year-old had his family in London watching him in the finals as he fell to Novak Djokovic in five exciting sets on Sunday, and you know he appreciated the support. What was cool was seeing his identical twin daughters — Myla Rose and Charlene Riva — in the stands with his wife, Mirka. The twins, who turn five on July 23, were wearing matching dresses and just looked adorable.

“It’s even more memorable when I see my kids there with my wife and everything. That’s what touched me the most. Disappoint of the match itself went pretty quickly … so happy to see family and nice ovations from the crowd lifted me up and made me feel better,” said Federer at the match.

Roger Federer twin daughters

In addition to his twin girls, Roger and Mirka also have twin boys, who were born on May 6. Roger always was a doubles specialist.

Novak Djokovic and girlfriend Jelena Ristic getting married after Wimbledon

Jelena Ristic Novak DjokovicNovak Djokovic is headed for quite a week.

The 27-year-old Serbian tennis stud won his seventh major and second Wimbledon Sunday, and he will be celebrating something even bigger a few days later: a marriage.

Djokovic and his longtime girlfriend Jelena Ristic are getting married, and Blic Online reports that the wedding is scheduled for Wednesday the 9th, just three days after the conclusion of Wimbledon.

Blic says the wedding will take place in St. Stefan Peninsula in Montenegro. The guest list reportedly includes many Serbian tennis players and other members of the tennis world, including Viktor Troicki, Janko Tipsarevic, Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic, Nenad Zimonjic, Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova. Murray was bounced from Wimbledon in the quarterfinals and also is said to be planning a wedding in the near future.

One notable element of the upcoming wedding is that Ristic is pregnant and due in October. She’ll be 6 months pregnant at the time of their marriage.

Nole and Ristic got engaged in September after many years of dating. She has been a prominent figure traveling the tour with him and supporting him in his matches.

Even though planning a wedding can create a headache and nerves for many people, it doesn’t seem to be affecting Djokovic, who reached the finals with a four-set win over Grigor Dimitrov, and defeated Roger Federer in five to win it all.

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Roger Federer not a fan of Wimbledon dress code

Roger FedererRoger Federer has won seven Wimbledons and practically owns the tournament. He is also very respectful and compliant with the tournament’s traditions. But that doesn’t mean he’s a fan of all their regulations.

Federer, who reached his 9th Wimbledon final, has been wearing more flamboyant outfits at his majors lately. He showcased some pink shoes at the US Open last year, and he wore white shoes with orange soles at Wimbledon in 2013. The orange soles were problematic for the All England Club, and he was told to change them.

Federer believes Wimbledon has become stricter over time and hopes that mentality will be eased.

“My personal opinion, I think it’s too strict,” Federer said of the dress code this week. “But I respect. I understand. Maybe one day they’ll loosen up the grip again a bit, but that’s the time we go through right now.”

Wimbledon officials have cracked down on undergarments, headbands and wrist bands, applying the all-white policy equally to all clothing. That’s what led Federer to make his comments.

Is Wimbledon’s policy kind of lame or outdated? Probably. And you know apparel companies like Nike can’t stand it, because it prevents them from showcasing their top merchandise on a big stage. But you know what? I actually like their dress code. Sure, they get a little ridiculous at times, but this is part of what separates the tournament from everything else. The traditions and regalness make Wimbledon special. If they change their policies, they’ll be a tournament and major like all the others. Who wants that to happen?

Beatrice Bouchard is Genie’s older twin sister and she runs the greatest Instagram account ever

Beatrice Genie Bouchard twin sisters

If you’ve been keeping up with LBS lately, there’s no way you don’t know about Genie Bouchard. She’s the 20-year-old Canadian tennis player who’s about to become a megastar.

While you probably already know a lot about Genie Bouchard, I’ll bet you didn’t know about Genie’s twin sister, Beatrice.

Allow us to introduce her to you. And you’re going to love her, because she is a lot of fun.

Beatrice is six minutes older than Genie, and the two are fraternal twins. Just like her sister, she is an attractive blonde. And while Genie is grinding on and off the court and trying to stay out of trouble, Beatrice sure looks like a partier (in her spare time).

Beatrice is running perhaps one of the greatest Instagram accounts of all time. Seriously. Beatrice has mastered the art of Instagram. Her account is full of pictures of partying, boozing, bikinis and food. That’s the winning formula right there.

Before we get into the Instagram pics, let’s start with her Twitter account.

Beatrice, who goes by Beebs Bouchard on Twitter, was just at the Escapade Music Festival in Ottawa. It’s safe to say that she enjoyed herself there:

Not only does she like music, but she also supports the Montreal Canadiens and likes to drink cold ones while watching them play:

That’s a good start. And now it’s time for the real fun — the Beatrice Bouchard Instagram life.

Head over to the next page to see it all.

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Genie Bouchard is single and does not have a boyfriend, Justin Bieber

Genie Bouchard selfie

Genie Bouchard is the emerging star in the women’s tennis world and has already reached the finals of a major at age 20.

The Canadian youngster burst onto the scene at the Australian Open in January, where she reached the semifinals. She also reached the semis of the French Open, and now she’s in the finals at Wimbledon.

She’s awesome, she’s funny, she’s good looking … and she is single. That’s right, fellas, Genie Bouchard does not have a boyfriend.

And that’s what brings me to Justin Bieber.

Bouchard put Bieber on notice during an interview at the Australian Open. Bouchard cited the Biebs as someone she’d like to date when pressed. After reaching the finals at Wimbledon, Bouchard was pressed once again about progress on the Bieber front. Bouchard expressed interest in Bieber once again, but there was a condition: he needs to improve his image first.

But about this potential Bouchard-Bieber pairing … it all makes too much sense.

Bouchard was a teenager growing up in Canada when Bieber was becoming famous. I repeat: she was a teenage girl in Canada when Bieber was blowing up. Bieber is Canadian. Women love him and his music. And Bouchard loves reality trash TV and those sorts of personalities, too.

Bouchard is young, attractive, athletic and successful. You can’t ask for much more, Bieber. She’s much better than Selena Gomez. About the only obstacle here is height; Bouchard is 5-foot-10. Bieber is a shrimp. But that’s easily solved — we can put him in high heels.

If Bieber doesn’t jump on this, he’s definitely missing out. And for her sake, hopefully Bouchard will avoid getting caught up in any bad love triangles. Look no further than Caroline Wozniacki to see evidence of what a bad boyfriend can do to your career. Or look at Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov to see how it can help. Choose wisely, Genie. Choose wisely.