This LeBron-Brazil soccer fans not 1, not 2 … mashup video is great

Did you miss the Germany-Brazil game on Tuesday? If so, this video shall serve as your recap.

Germany scored 4 goals in a 6-minute span during the first half, leaving Brazilian fans crying.

Milmore at Barstool Sports is an absolute genius for mashing up the reaction of the Brazilian fans with LeBron’s infamous “Not 1, Not 2, Not 3 …” speech at the Heat intros. How can you not love it?

LeBron Brazil

Video via @StoolMilmore

Little kid kills it on fan cam with crazy moves (Video)

I haven’t been able to take my eyes off this Vine video since the moment I first saw it.

That kid is amazing. He’s got the tongue wag working, the chest pound going, and he already knows how to gyrate his hips like a pro.

Someone enter that kid in a talent show. Now. He will win.

Look at this face of determination:

Marlins kid fan cam

Kid’s a star. And was this at Marlins Park Monday? Sure looks like it.

Video via @RayvenTirado
H/T Jimmy Traina

Metta World Peace pranked by Jimmy Kimmel Show, ends up calling 911 (Video)

This is so sooo soooo soooooo good.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show teamed up with Amar’e Stoudemire to prank Metta World Peace, and the results were fantastic.

Metta World Peace KimmelAmar’e, who played with Metta on the New York Knicks, got his ex-teammate to speak at a charity event that did not exist. Amar’e and Kimmel sent a limo to pick up Metta and his assistant, and the driver just so happened to be Cousin Sal from Kimmel’s show.

Cousin Sal proceeds to just mess with Metta in every way possible, leading to a nightmare situation for Metta, who is stuck in a car with a super-annoying driver.

Before the prank was revealed, Metta was so irritated he ended up calling 911!

Watch from start to finish, and you won’t be let down.

H/T David

Sarah Harbaugh kills it in great Dockers commercial (Video)

Jim Harbaugh’s love of his khaki pleated pants is pretty well known.

The guy is like Superman in that his closet must be filled with nothing but long-sleeved 49ers undershirts and khakis, because that’s all he ever seems to wear. And that has not sat well with his wife, Sarah.

Sarah Harbaugh DockersYou may recall that in January, Sarah called up a Bay Area radio station to complain about Jim’s pleated khakis habit. She even said that she threw away all of his pants and he still managed to find them at a Walmart while he was in Indianapolis for the combine. A couple of days later, Dockers got in on the fun and sent Jim a care package. Now they’ve gone a step further and wrangled Sarah for a commercial.

In the commercial, Sarah films a PSA-style message about stopping “dad pants” and urges people to get Dockers flat front pants. I love the commercial. I also, embarrassingly, must admit that I still have some pleated pants from years ago and probably could stand to get some new flat front pants. With Sarah’s encouragement, I might have to get some.

Also see: Jim Harbaugh tucks clothes into pleated khaki pants, looks like Michelin Man

Anastasia Ashley on good and bad Instagram comments (Video)

Are you one of those guys who will just write anything that pops into your head as a comment on someone’s Instagram picture? Do you give very little thought to the things you say on social media? Anastasia Ashley says that’s not the way to go.

The professional surfer turned internet celebrity (read: she has a rocking body and loves to show it off) shared her thoughts on good and bad Instagram comments left on some of her ummm shall we say, provocative posts? The takeaway from her? The more detailed you get, the more creepy your comment.

Anastasia Ashley Instagram

Via Hot Clicks
Photo: Instagram/Anastasia Ashley

Jacob at the spelling bee totally thought he knew the answer to kabaragoya, BUT HE WAS WRONG (Video)

15-year-old Jacob Williamson of Cape Coral, Fla., made the finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday, and the teenager thought for sure he was going to win it all. When Williamson was asked to spell the word “kabaragoya” — and I swear, I had to look like 10 times when I was typing it out — he thought for sure he had it.

Youngster blurted out “I know it, I know it!” with the same sort of thrusting enthusiasm of a 15-year-old having sex for the first time. Check out his “Oh!” face:

Jacob Williamson Spelling Bee

Here’s the Vine video of his reaction:

The only problem is Jacob apparently did NOT know it. The poor kid spelled kabaragoya with a “C” instead of a “K” and was dinged. A lifetime of dictionary-memorizing all down the drain for nothing, and all he was left with was a video that went viral.

Here’s the obligatory Turn Down for What? remix Vine via our buddy @worldofisaac:

Even soccer legend Sydney LeBoo felt for the poor kid:

If Jacob really knew what he was doing, he’d somehow finagle a kiss or at the very least a date from LeBoo. Show everyone you’re multi-talented, Jacob.

Gross: Nats fan wipes armpit, makes neighbor smell it (Video)

Nats fan armpitWhile the Washington Nationals were trying to mount a 9th-inning comeback Monday against the Miami Marlins, one fan in the background was busy pulling off one of the grossest behavioral displays we’ve seen.

As captured by our friend @recordsandradio, one dude attending the game in a tank top decided Ian Desmond’s 9th-inning at-bat was the perfect time for a pit-check. The guy wiped his armpit, took a whiff, and thought the scent was so incredible he had to share it with his neighbor, who was visibly repulsed.