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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

John Calipari Forgets, or Doesn’t Care, That Louisville is in Kentucky (Video)

John Calipari could be the easiest man to hate in college basketball.  Whether it is the rumors that he helped Derek Rose cheat on his SATs or his reputation as someone who runs from recruiting violations, there are plenty of reasons to dislike Coach Cal.  His verbal jabs at other coaches have left him with few friends among the NCAA coaching circle, but Calipari doesn’t seem to care.

You can call it a brain fart or call it an evil genius at work, but Calipari did a great job of pissing a lot of Louisville fans, players, and coaches off during a recent interview with KSTV.  Check out the following clip that The Dagger shared with us.  Skip ahead to the 2-minute mark and see if anything strikes you as strange or inaccurate about Coach Cal’s comments.

I know there are a few guys out there who wear black and red that have a different perspective on the state of Kentucky’s geography.  Those guys happen to play pretty good ball and are considered an annual powerhouse.  Honest mistake or pig-headed comment delivered to perfection?

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