John Wooden Has Not Died But He is in the Hospital

Reports are surfacing that John Wooden, the most successful men’s college basketball coach of all-time, has been hospitalized and is “gravely” ill.  According to a report by CBS 2 in Los Angeles, Wooden “hasn’t eaten in the last couple days and is very ill.”  Some of the postings on Scout.com’s Bruin Report Online forum seemed to suggest that the former UCLA coach had passed away, but UCLA’s Athletic Department says that any reports of him having died are false.

While Wooden appears to be ill and in the hospital, rumors that he has died are inaccurate. Wooden is 99 years old.

UPDATE: The Washington Post is the latest organization to be incorrect with their reporting:

John Wooden In Hospital At UCLA Medical Center [CBS 2 Los Angeles]

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  • http://usliberals.about.com Deborah White

    Count this Bruin as heartbroken at the mere thought of losing our great Coach John Wooden. I was a UCLA undergraduate during his last championshp years. Even shared a class or two with Bill Walton and Keith Wilkes.

    I wrote my one and only fan letter for anyone to John Wooden upon his retirement… and got a gracious reply from him.

    John Wooden waasn’t just a great Bruin. He was a man of heroic integrity and loyalty. He was a great American and role model.