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Monday, April 23, 2018

North Carolina Fan Drives Custom ‘Heelraiser’ Hearse to Games (Pictures)

There are college sports fans and then there is John Snipes.  Snipes is on his own level when it comes to being committed to a school.  If you thought the Cameron Crazies love the Duke basketball team, check out the whip Snipes shows up to North Carolina basketball and football games in:

Grilling your food in a casket at a tailgating party is just plain weird.  Rolling up to a game in the HEELRAISER hearse is something only a boss can pull off.  According to The Dagger, Snipes came up with the idea seven years ago when he and his buddies saw a similar hearse that a Clemson fan had tricked out.  Snipe’s custom hearse has all the bells and whistles, from a ram’s skull on the grill and skull and crossbones on the back to a train whistle under the hood.  As Tobacco Road Blues pointed out, Snipes hope to soon rig up some nitrous under the hood so he can blow smoke from the ram skull’s nostrils.

How great are the ACC gravestones along the side? Keep doing you, John Snipes.  Keep doing you.

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