Pittsburgh-Butler Ending Was Called the Right Way (Video)

Controversial? Yes. Shocking? Sure. Unfortunate for Pittsburgh fans? Absolutely. A referee debacle? Quite the contrary.

Take it from a person who had Pittsburgh winning the National Championship in his bracket — the referees got the ending of the Pittsburgh-Butler game right on Saturday night.  In fact, I commend them for not being afraid to make the tough calls when they knew they were the right calls.  A bump is a bump and a smack on the arm is a smack on the arm.  Both are fouls with 19 minutes remaining in a half and two seconds remaining in a half.  Most officials don’t have the stones to call them in the latter situation.

For the same reason we love to go back and watch replays and roast officials after games, we should watch this replay and give them the credit they deserve. 

The real crime on Saturday night was Jamie Dixon’s squad once again falling well short of their tournament expectations.  Dixon’s record obviously indicates that he’s an effective coach — especially in the Big East — but early exits from the Tournament are becoming a habit.  On the flip side, the Butler Bulldogs have perfected the art of the March upset.

Thanks to Mocksession for the video.

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  • Gene

    In fact, the NCAA advised officials to call fouls all the way until the end and these officials followed the instructions to the letter and made the right calls in both instances. It puzzles me that two fine players, one on each team, would make such blunders. I am sure that the coaches on both sides reminded the guys to keep their hands at their sides, but it appears the kids got caught up in the moment and lost their poise.

    In the final analysis, Butler deserved the win because their final play set up the winning basket by Howard with 1.4 seconds left and Pitt would have had a desperation heave if not for the first blunder. That is the way the game should have ended, with Pitt’s heave.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Well, the good news is at least for the people who had Pitt doing well, they should have won the game.