Tom Crean thinks Sean Woods took too much criticism

Morehead State coach Sean Woods received massive amounts of criticism for the way he berated one of his players last week. The school suspended him a game for his behavior, and he apologized for his actions, which he called “inappropriate and unacceptable” in a statement.

Woods received support this week from an unlikely source — Indiana coach Tom Crean.

“I think too many people took shots at him,” Crean said of Woods on “Jim Rome on Showtime.” “As a coach, I’m not trying to defend what happened, but I wasn’t there. Really, outside of the team and that assistant coach that was in the mix with Sean, they’re the only ones that really know what was said and what transpired and what happened in practice.

“Does that condone it? No, but I think it’s so easy to verbally beat people up when we don’t understand what happened,” Crean continued.

“Has he apologized? Was he suspended and disciplined? Absolutely. Does that condone it? No, but I think people just have to let that stuff play out and know that mistakes are going to be made, let apologies be made, and let’s move on.”

People have moved on since Woods’ actions last week, but Crean’s defense is still surprising. He comes across as a man of high integrity, so even though he says he doesn’t condone it, a defense is shocking. True, we don’t know all the circumstances surrounding the verbal beatdown, but is there anything that justifies Woods’ outburst on his player? I don’t think so.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W76ZEHEUSYXFPFKI3LKWDIS5EU Pizzmachine

    Where are all of the UK people who generally lash out at anything Indiana???    Unless Im wrong CTC is speaking out in support of a UK alum here..It just goes to show what kind of person Crean really is .. I recently read a story about the controversy surrounding Crean and the recruiting oversign rule ..It was not ten minutes before two dozen UK supporters Piled on the negative comments when the real problem is the “one and done ” rule .. My point is when it comes to circumstances Crean gets bashed a lot but nobody has anything to say when he goes on the record in support of a former UK player.. The common problem in these two situations is the NCAA which continues to walk both sides of the line in regards to ethics ..How can an organized body pursue issues with actions that are contradictory to the messages it tries to send to schools ,coaches and players.Pursuing action against Coach Woods is waste of time they could be spending on correcting the real issues it turns away from..The NCAA and the media need to turn their focus to the problems that are detracting from the college game and modernize the rule book to a point where the rules have been clearly redefined to fit the times .

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W76ZEHEUSYXFPFKI3LKWDIS5EU Pizzmachine

    IU fans know first hand since sportswriters and other “know it alls” hounded Bob Knight for 30 years over his methods..Crean defending a coach should not be a shocker since Crean is not compromising his ethics..What he is saying is there is a point where enough is enough and it needs to be dropped instead of exacerbated..Articles like this distort facts and blow stories far out of proportion .