How Corrupt Auburn Is and How They Laundered Money to Players, Cam Newton

If you’re one of those people that closes your eyes to harsh realities, or if you’re an Auburn fan, you won’t want to hear any of this. If you’re a normal college football fan, you probably understand that recruiting violations and some form of “pay for play” are the norm in high-profile college athletics. Not much however matches the scale to which things have gone on at Auburn.

I was first exposed to the corruption going on at that school — or more specifically the corruption involving booster and board of trustee member Bobby Lowder in a Bragging Rights: A Season Inside the SEC, College Football’s Toughest Conferencebook by Richard Ernsberger called Bragging Rights. In short, Lowder was the CEO of Colonial BancGroup, a huge bank in Alabama which recently failed. He used his power at the bank to bribe members on Auburn’s board of trustees through interest free loans, and he is essentially the team’s athletic director and responsible for their hires.

The incredible research and investigation done by blueTunaTiger at the LSU site Tiger Droppings points out that over the past 10 years, about five people have served as members of the Auburn Board of Trustees as well as Colonial BancGroup’s Board of Directors. You know what that means? The people controlling Auburn’s booster funds also controlled one of the state’s most powerful banks, and vice versa.

So how has money been funneled to players recently? Well one way has been through the Fine-Geddie lobbying group, which has been paid through Auburn’s booster fund Tigers Unlimited Foundation (also prominently noted at Sports by Brooks). Another way suggested by Tiger Droppings has been donating to the Alabama Children’s First Foundation. Money from that fund may have been used in recruiting. Now, as for some shadier ways, check out this creativity.

From TD: “Such things include guaranteed winning slot machines for AU players at Milt’s (Colonial Board member, AU Booster) Casino, unmarked ATM cards issued to AU players from Colonial Bank (Bobby Lowder-AU Board Member and Booster; Pat Dye-Colonial Board member, AU employee and Booster), forgiven loans to families, friends, donors, etc.”

Now what makes me feel so certain a good amount of this information is accurate? The FBI’s presence in the case. Why would the FBI be involved in the investigation of a college football player? As we learned on Wednesday from TMZ, the FBI was asking about Milton McGregor’s involvement in the Cam Newton case. McGregor is an Auburn booster who ran a greyhound racing track called VictoryLand and he was recently arrested along with 10 others in a political bribery scheme.

McGregor was trying to pay off politicians to vote in favor of pro-gambling legislation. The FBI had wire tapped McGregor and many others regarding this case, and that’s how they came across all the information about Auburn’s pay for play schemes, including Cam Newton. McGregor’s attorney denied his client had any involvement with the Newtons, but we’ll wait until we hear what the FBI has to say.

That’s not all. A post on Tide Sports says McGregor made a payment of $250,000 to Cam Newton’s uncle through a PAC, and then the uncle funneled the money back to Cam’s father. Don’t believe this stuff? The FBI has made arrests and has been investigating this case for nearly a year. I’d say that means they have some pretty darn concrete evidence. My trust runs with the Feds, where does yours?

Thanks to my man Dadyan for the assistance.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZE5X2YGPMUIRNFRLE2RJJYTZBA Gregory C

    a post on Tide sports is your source for this garbage you write??? Lol

  • Anonymous

    So, you read a book, and then read the psychotic ramblings of a conspiracy theorist who would have sent Mulder from the X Files screaming into the night on Tiger Droppings (fitting name for a board by the way), and THEN you cite a post on a rival school’s message board! You really do need an attorney on retainer. But after looking at your greatest hits, which appear to be mainly girls in bikinis, I shouldn’t be too surprised at your incredible journalistic skills.

  • Anonymous

    For the Auburn apologizers…the writing is on the wall. The main question you should ask yourselves as you try to take down those who are posting these observations (or conspiracies with legs), why ARE the Feds investigating? Who are the parties being investigated and Why? Is there past history of cheating with the parties involved? Are these parties affliated with Auburn? A simple yes will enlighten you to the mounting truths. NO one wants to see Auburn as a great institute of higher learning go down. Its the faculty students fans and players who lose the most. All over unbridled greed from a ‘select’ few. To the administrators coaches and boosters who created this mess may you have shame on yourselves. You’ve managed to take down the one thing you so maliciously tried to build up!

  • Anonymous

    It was not State that David Pollack told to brace themselves because of the news that is coming out the next 2 or 3 days. He told the Auburn faithful to be ready. While Auburn and Paul Finebaum keep wanting the investigation to boomerang and point to MSU, the entire country and the highest law authority in the land is looking over in Alabama. They only used State to build their case against AU, not to try and find if MSU did anything wrong. But as we all know all we did was turn a rogue parent down that wanted $$$$$$$$$. So he went to Auburn for free? I don’t know what the real evidence is, but the circumstantial stuff looks pretty rough. In the mean time the NCAA advised Auburn to sit Newton for the UGA game and AU refused. The next request for Newton to sit may be in the form of an or else. Good luck Auburn.

  • http://twitter.com/JonHanlon Jonathon Hanlon

    We all already know why the Feds are investigating, they’ve told us all, if you’ve been reading information that contains legitimate and confirmed sources. The FBI is and has been looking into pay-for-play schemes at college campuses across the country and for all sports. Obviously, NCAA football is the most prominent, particularly within the SEC.

    Parties being investigated include John Bond, and others AT MSU!

    What past cheating? There have been NCAA violations of the past, and you can’t judge current events by past events. That’s a fallacy in logic.

    If your question on cheating refers to the bogus claims at UF you should go check your facts. The only thing that is a fact is that someone CLAIMS that Cam was to be asked to come to a hearing on academic dishonesty in front of the Student Council at UF. A)we have no confirmation that he was even asked, and B)it is an absolute fact that he never went, so any allegations of cheating are rumor and speculation.

    Now, if you’re referring to Lowder and his ilk, I’ll agree. His dirty politics have polluted my Alma Mater and the state of Alabama for FAR too long. The man is evil incarnate. I don’t at all doubt or argue otherwise. BUT, let’s point out here that we have no real connection between Lowder and AU Football. The claim that he was involved via Colonial Bank before, whether true or not, can not be true today because, uhhh… Colonial Bank does not exist and hasn’t existed for over TWO YEARS! AND, if there WAS something shady going on, don’t you think it would have been uncovered with everything else that was revealed at the time Colonial was bought?!?

    You people make me sick. You read stories as truth that are full of claims, misquotes, quotes without names, and quotes that are contradictory. Worse, you use the ramblings of a bunch of irate people NOT in-the-know on a message board.

    Here are the only FACTS:
    John Bond reported an ambiguous claim to MSU officials who reported that to the SEC in January 2010.
    The SEC brought it to the attention of the NCAA sometime between then and July of 2010.
    MSU didn’t provide the rest of their evidence until July 2010, stating that other sports programs’ eligibility issues caused a 6 month delay.
    Kenny Rogers came out saying he never even spoke to John Bond.
    John Bond said he did, in fact, speak directly with Kenny Rogers.
    Kenny Rogers and John Bond both slightly altered their previous public statements.
    A student at UF linked with the football team during Cam’s time there has a brother. That brother posted on a message board that he heard “from an anonymous source” that Cam had cheated, turning in someone else’s paper with his own name, got caught by the professor and turned in a paid-for paper on his second chance. The same “source” “claims” that Cam was going to be sent to the Student Council. NOTHING else has been heard since. Dead story, probably because it’s baloney.
    Gene Chizik met with the NCAA, both of whom are saying “no comment.” Which, if Cam is still playing, means that as of now the NCAA has nothing against him.
    NCAA rules, as written and interpreted will NOT invalidate Cam even if money was pursued AND actually exchanged hands with MSU, so long as it was not also pursued with Auburn.
    John Bond met with the FBI, in another “no comment” interview. We don’t actually even know if it has to do with Cam. And, even if it did, all we know for a fact is that Kenny Rogers admits to trying to get money, we don’t even know if ANY of the Newtons knew about, and the hardest evidence we DO have points to them NOT knowing. He likely acted on his own thinking if he could get dollars from MSU, he could talk Cam into going and KR would keep a cut.

    That’s it folks. The rest is all conjecture.

  • http://twitter.com/JonHanlon Jonathon Hanlon

    The NCAA can not require a member institution to sit an athlete out unless it’s in relation to a violation of NCAA regulations, and as of now, there is no violation. The NCAA may have been suggesting it, but what’s the point? Even if Cam is found to be ineligible (which, even if true, will take LOTS of time), then we vacate our wins that he played for. At this point, we’d already lose the whole season, so why not go the last few games with him playing, especially since Auburn knew of all this when they brought Cam in and have already been cooperating with the NCAA since before this hit the media, which means they know he’ll remain eligible. If they sit him out, he will lose his Heisman shot, and I doubt we’ll be as strong on the field! It’d be completely ridiculous to sit him.

  • Anonymous

    This is the sort of print garbage that has this whole thing spiraling out of control. Yes, there have been arrests by the FBI, but NO ONE IN CONNECTION WITH THIS. That is the sort of statement that is so out of context that angers people why ANYONE that wants to pose as a journalist can write something these days and get it on-line. The arrests that were made were so far removed from college football, it is crazy. They are on an overall corruption scheme trying to get gambling passed in Alabama. One of the central figures happens to be an AU booster. The only way there can be any connection with McGregor is if he was recorded talking about giving money to the Newton’s. If so, there will be trouble. If not, it is pure speculation and as the site states…Tiger droppings at this point. Larry, if you want to keep any journalistic integrity, I think you need to clear up the fact that arrests are, in no way, affiliated with AU. Your insinuation is awful. Why would you “report” something that is so far from the truth that it is crazy????

    Also, MSU defense. MSU is so far into this, you’re delusional if you think otherwise. There were WAY too many conversations going on with your boosters and coaches and the way it looks is that the oney was offered from your boosters and he ended up not going there anyway…just wait…your time is coming. Also, Dan Mullen will be sunned from college football coaching for a long time, so he might as well stay put. There is an unwritten rule and “honor among thieves” between college coaches. they all grease the palms of the big players…it just happens. Turning in another team and ruining the career of a young player that you recruited and coached is the lowest form of scum. When Philip Fulmer tried to “secretly” turn in Alabama a few years ago for paying a $50K to get a player, he couldn’t even show up for media days. He was scum as is Mullen. You have yourself a real winner there.

  • http://twitter.com/JonHanlon Jonathon Hanlon

    Let’s please see some stories with real sources…

  • Anonymous

    When the choice becomes sit him or be prepared for the consequences, let Auburn go ahead and roll those dice. When you vacate those wins you have to think about this from the other school’s point of views. An ineligible player will get the heisman, who did you cost fame and $ by cheating out of it. An ineligible team may win the NC, what team did you cost millions of dollars because they didn’t get the chance they deserved to play in that game instead of the team that cheated. How much money did you cost the other schools that should have been there in your place. This is the kind of stuff that the NCAA is going to be looking at when Auburn didn’t follow their advice and sit Newton because of the gathering incriminating evidence. I’m more in the know on this than you think and I can tell you with complete confidence that MSU doesn’t have a dog in the hunt as far as NCAA repercussions. I don’t know what is going on over at Auburn but the NCAA was apparently well involved with your program before MSU turned in the request for money by the Newtons. As far as we were concerned it was over with from our point of view. Past that, you only have to look in the mirror.

  • Anonymous

    Mullenstinks said: Also, MSU defense. MSU is so far into this, you’re delusional if you think otherwise.

    Believe me cuz, if all we have to defend is conversations between boosters and prospects that didn’t end in $$$$$$$$$ changing hands and WE even reported it, I’d rather be in my chair than yours.

    A bigger unwritten rule is your program doesn’t go from a mid 30’s recruiting service ranking with 3 months to go in the recruiting period to near number 1 by buying off 5* recruits from other SEC programs with a couple weeks to go in the recruiting period and none of the 5* recruits were on your radar until that point. Talk about honor among thieves. It ain’t just MSU that was POed about losing players this way. Ask Arkansas, LSU and South Carolina. You apparently bought players off of them as the clock ran out as well. I’m glad you are able to admit what it took to get them.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking stupid

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZOWBRMP6CMNXWGF4ASBMBZGCEI Stuart

    Never trust a site that starts with Tiger Droppings.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UKWRYXZO7L7YYCBFLXM3WDHBZI Michael

    Also, read this:
    “Wiretaps made as part of the recent federal investigation into
    vote-buying in the Alabama Legislature contain no conversations that
    connect Victoryland owner Milton McGregor to quarterback Cam Newton’s
    recruitment to Auburn, according to multiple sources familiar with the
    statehouse probe.”

    Debunks the wiretaps angle.


  • Anonymous

    What? You mean that the fbi gave you the tapes to review? Wow, I didn’t think they let pizz ants have that kind of info, unless, of course, you are taking a crooks word for it. I see, uncle milties lawyer said he had nothing to do with it, so that must be true huh?

    It would help if you had a link that stated the feds gave you the tapes and that everything is clear. But, i see that you are like the rest of the boogs here who seem to think cheAUter U is free and clear of any and all penaltied.

    And it is relly intersting that the article stated Cams Lawyer, hmm, it could have said cheAUter U’s lawyer, and we would have never gpot those panties out your azzz huh? Just sit back, relax and wait till april 4th, that way, should the boogs beat oregon, they can then say they are cham[ps orthey might officially be declared Lee County Community College! LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOL at all the boogs who think they have all the info that the feds have. Hey boog, did the feds allow you to review all the tapes? Huh? So, you are saying that there is nothing on those tapes? Or, were you taking a crooks word for it? That must be it, a crooks lawyer said he was innocent, so it must be true! LOL @ all you boogs.

    Hey, I have an idea, how about waiting until april 4th and see if you boogs get to keep this season intact or become Lee County Community College!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Fit is about to hit the shan down on the plains!!!! Boogs everywhere are grasping for anything to say they are clean, even took to using esp to read the feds evidence! don’t you boogs think it odd that the articel said Cams Lawyer? it could have easily said cheAUter U Lawyer, but then, we woiuld have never gotten those panties out of you azzz! LOL!!!

  • Anonymous

    Like it or not…be sure your sins will find you out….Why is it that crooks, cheaters or liars think they are SOOOOOOOOOOO smart that No one will ever know. When 1 other person knows a secret it is no longer a secret. There are brilliant folks working on this fiasco of troubles that AU is in–but it is pretty simple to a simple person…if you wanted to go to Mississippi-your Dad asked for $$$$$ (you, of course, DIDN’T know about) if he didn’t get the money–why did you go to AU? Common sense is sometimes better to have than a degree. Especially if no one can find a record of you attending classes anyway. Isn’t greed one of the 7 deadly sins? What book does Cecil preach from I wonder? Clearly not the one I was taught from…..The nut never falls far from the tree I guess….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Janean-Hampton-Parks/100000465377986 Janean Hampton Parks

    old news, get over it!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Janean-Hampton-Parks/100000465377986 Janean Hampton Parks

    This journalist is an idiot!