Johnny Manziel and Rob Gronkowski appear to have finally met (Picture)


If you had to make a list of the top five people in sports who know how to enjoy life, Johnny Manziel and Rob Gronkowski would likely be on it. Ever since Manziel won the Heisman Trophy, he has been treating himself (we assume) to a nonstop tour of good times that has included a casino trip, courtside seats to NBA games, a round of golf with the Jonas Brothers and an appearance on Letterman. Gronk has been partying since, well, probably the day he was born.

A few weeks ago, word surfaced that Texas A&M has spoken to Manziel’s parents about how he should be handling his sudden fame. If school officials are nervous about Manziel’s behavior, this picture should send a shiver up their spines. Chances are Manziel and Gronk were just posing for a picture together down in New Orleans, but the fact of the matter is the two have now made some sort of connection.

As we know, the offseason belongs to Gronk. He’s already back to partying with no shirt on, so lord only knows what we’re in for from now until August. Texas A&M can only hope he didn’t make Manziel an offer to be his 20-year-old sidekick.

Photo via Twitter/Johnny Manziel

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PWZQZ3TA7INZDHAGQGSYKKIAIM ToddB

    Something is seriously up with Johnny Manziel.  So, first dude is at a casino with like 2 grand in his hand.  Secondly, dude is sitting court side and then chilling with the Miami Heat.  Now, we are supposedly hobnobbin at the friggin superbowl.  If Sam Bradford had done this we would’ve been talking there is some issue.  This is dude is bad news……..SANCTIONS I tell you, Sanctions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SherylSimpson

    10 to 1 Johnny Scramble flames out before he makes the pros.  kid has seriously misguided priorities…