Mark Richt testy with reporter asking about him losing big games (Video)

Georgia coach Mark Richt got testy with a reporter following his team’s 32-28 loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game on Saturday in Atlanta.

A media member tried questioning Richt about his and junior quarterback Aaron Murray’s tendency to lose big games when the coach snapped back.

You can see the exchange if you click ahead to the spot with about two minutes remaining in the video below:

Here’s a transcription of what happened via Outkick the Coverage:

Questioner: “There are some people whether it’s fans, media, or whomever else that will maybe want to make further conclusions about you or your quarterback, specifically, in big games. Would you have any response to those people.”

Richt: “I don’t know what you’re saying. Why don’t you just say it straight up what you’re trying to say?”

Questioner: “People will say that you and Aaron Murray specifically come up short on the biggest stage against the biggest opponents.”

Richt: “Is that what you’re saying or everybody else — if that’s what you’re saying — are you saying that?

Questioner: “No, I’m saying I hear that every day —”

Richt then cut off the person asking the questions to offer his response.

“Well, that’s for you to worry about then. If that’s what you say, then I’ll answer the question. If you think other people are saying that, I’m not worried about that.”

Clay Travis also reports that Richt went behind the curtain, slammed down a can of soda, then returned to his press conference.

Richt was undoubtedly upset that his team lost, and he didn’t like the inference that he and Murray lose big games. That obviously isn’t completely true, considering the Bulldogs reached the SEC title game by beating Florida in Jacksonville earlier in the season. But the team did go 6-7 in 2010, and they went 10-4 last season, losing their first two and last two games (the losses to Boise State and South Carolina to start the season were particularly disappointing). The line of questioning probably wasn’t fair, and the reporter should have just stood behind it instead of taking the weak approach by attributing the criticism to others. Still, it’s unlike Richt to go off on someone like that.

Richt also took plenty of criticism for not having Murray spike the ball at the 8-yard line in the final seconds of the game. He defending the decision by saying they had the play they wanted. I think spiking the ball may have helped Murray and the offense focus on the situation at hand. Instead, Murray’s pass was deflected and ended up short of the end zone. The game end on a tackle, making it seem like it wasn’t meant for Georgia to win.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NQWOE7V7KAZNX4LQSLT3W5MUTU Early

    I’m certainly no Mirk Richt fan, but the way the reporter (wish they’d give his name, cause a ball-less b*tch like that really needs to be outed on a national level) tried to attribute what was obviously his own opinion to what “he heard on radio every day” instead of growing a pair and coming out and saying “why do you and Aaron Murray seem to come up short in such big games?” was hack-level, bush-league crap. There is nothing wrong with that question if you have the sack to ask it on your own, but the reporter not only did not, he seemed incredulous as how Richt could call him out for pulling such a stunt during a post SEC Championship game Press Conference. I understand Georgia fans are upset at the loss tonight, but I really hope the Atlanta/Athens Sports media doesn’t let this sorry excuse for a journalist live this down. Either ask the difficult questions or don’t, Don’t try and pass the blame off while still trying to get a reaction you p*ssy.

  • imacaveman

    Very well played by Coach Richt.  Great year by the Bulldogs; just got wore down by Alabama.  I am curious as to the average age of Alabama’s starting 22.

  • imacaveman

    Very good post game interview by Coach Richt; he punked the punk reporter.

    I’m no SEC fan; slow and dull.  I am curious as to the average age of Alabama’s starting 22; they mostly look  22+ ish

  • Dawgfreak

     That was Chuck Oliver. He is a sports radio personality on 680 the fan here in Atlanta. Also a big time Auburn fan and maybe an alum.

  • http://twitter.com/jh222 james hunt

    headline says Richt gets “testy” ……should read “Oliver tries to bait Richt and fails”

  • Sunflower100

    Richt had every right to get testy. Richt was defending his team.  The DAWGS did a great job this year!!  The reporter needs to work on his own  professional skills before going after someone else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1079852034 Pat Kane

    The ball was tipped which is why it was short of the end zone. To not mention this is just crap journalizsm to make his pre-dermined point.Richt is a class act and these air-chair asses should just keep their mouth’s shut

  • chairman33

    Not a better man or coach in the US than Mark Richt. Sabin knows that, and all UGA supporters know that. While Mark is the ultimate gentleman and leader, even he has the right to respond as he did to an ass hole reporter that is making up the premise of his question with unfounded assertions. Mark rightfully put him down. The jerk needs to get his ass whipped so he’ll be a little more careful about kicking people when they are tired and down.

  • art shannon

      They had the correct play called.  It was a fade in the right corner of the endzone which would have either been caught for a score, or over the head incomplete, thus killing the clock and providing one more play. The unfortunate thing is, it got tipped and fell way short. The irony however, is that it fell into the hands of another Georgia player, who instinctively caught it which allowed the clock to expire.  If, he had thought to knock it down, considering they had no timeout left, Georgia would have had time for one more shot to score.  Coaches are often asked stupid & insulting questions, and I am glad that this “reporter” got embarassed by a first class guy like Richt.  It was a very well  played and evenly matched game.  Either team would represent the SEC well in a NC game. 

  • Media_UseYourHeads

    What kind of reaction did the reporter expect with that question?  Do they not think about the questions they ask before opening their mouths?  Or are they so intent on getting their name in front of everyone that it doesn’t matter how stupid the question?  WTG Mark… don’t don’t think I would have the patience to deal with most of these reorters.  Thought it was really stupid for the reporter at the beginning of the game to ask Mark Richt what A.J. McCarron would have to do to win the game.  Guess that just shows that the only requirement to get on TV is to be female and beautiful.  Please bear in mind that I am not criticizing college football reporters only…. I see this stupidity regardless of what sport is being played.


    Coach Richt is one of the best coaches in college football. It is inconceivable to me that a reporter could ask such a ridiculous question or make a comment of this nature. Georgia was in the SEC Championship game, they were one out of 12 who made it. I am sure that everyone will agree that the SEC year in and year out is the toughest conference in all of college football. That was a great game, I am not a Georgia fan but I was pulling for Georgia to win. If the ball was not tipped at the line of scrimmage, who knows what the outcome would have been. Coach Saban certianly knew. He lobbied for Georgia to be considered for a BCS Bowl. If Georgia beat Florida, how can they be ranked above Georgia, did Florida beat Alabama? This whole BCS thing is a mess and not really fair at all. Two great teams playing each other while the rest watched the game. The team that loses in this close of a game, should not be penalized for the loss. It happened last year when LSU was forced to play Alabama again, that was not fair.
    When will we really have a playoff system that will decide the best team by playing football and not by politics?

  • LieutDan

    Now the “reporter” – Chuck Oliver of 680 The Fan in Atlanta – claims he made a mistake in the way he phrased his questions – folks didn’t understand he was actually supporting CMR and trying to compliment him.  What a load of BS! Complete grandstanding!  Hope he winds up doing the farm report in Opelika!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.askew.54 Mike Askew

    You are a class A JERK!!!

  • tenavboy

    you are stupid BYU & all the F@#$ing morman school they are all 22+  but they do not win 6 BCS in a role you people are a bunchof cry babies, get a pair of balls and when.

  • tenavboy

    if he is the best then why did they not spike the ball.