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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Michigan State’s William Gholston is a Dirty Player (Video)

We all know extracurricular activity at the bottom of the pile is commonplace in football.  Whether it is high school, college, or the pros, players are always looking to gain an edge by throwing an extra elbow, stepping on someones arm, or grabbing and twisting at a special area.  In the case of Brandon Spikes, eye gouging is the way to go.  Players like Spikes and Michigan State linebacker William Gholston take it a bit too far.

During a win over Michigan on Saturday, Gholston twisted a player’s neck and punched another in the face — both after the whistle had blown.  He could very well have thrown other cheap shots throughout the afternoon, but Kegs N Eggs happened to capture those two moments in particular.  Check out this William Gholston cheap shot video:

Yes, William is the cousin of the Jets’ Vernon Gholston and yes, he does have no class.

Chest bump to SI Hot Clicks for the story.

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