Oregon’s new football uniforms released (Pictures)

Several teams unveiled new uniforms for the upcoming college football season, but fans were still waiting on one school to show off their new duds: Oregon. Nike finally came through on Wednesday by releasing the new football uniforms for the Ducks. The uniforms are made of 16 different materials, and they look infinitely better than Notre Dame’s hideous unis. Here are a few looks at the uniforms:

Below you can see four different Oregon tops that are on sale at the Oregon student store:

Inside the collars of the uniforms it says “Mighty Oregon.” You can also see the glossy feathers on the shoulders:

Oregon will be wearing these uniforms beginning with their season opener on September 1 against Arkansas State. This is the same “fully integrated uniform system” the school had during the Rose Bowl last season.

Here are a few details about the uniforms, according to Nike:

“The new uniform incorporates pinnacle performance innovation and design while providing enhanced thermoregulation and more durability with the inclusion of Nike Chain Maille Mesh – a lightweight ultra-breathable material – used in both the jersey and pant.”

You can go here to read much more about the uniforms.

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Photos via Nike, Chris McKee/Twitter

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OP6LW547TWXBHZV4KA52QV7XYU Walt Tart

    I have never seen a team so DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION!!   

  • lbdon173

    Team must be getting weak. They will take a few spankings this year. If USC would have allowed nike to do this, those ncaa dillholepsychos would have been all over them.

  • lbdon173

    The Kelly’s of the football world know they’re going down and hope to make a big splash doing it. Please coaches poll, notice us.

  • RightIam

    How about Miami Hurricanes, NY Jets, Yankees, Miami Heat. Do you want more?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UKSHNAROPIQCN57IKZHJUAZKDY ED 2

    Nike sure loves that gay yellow. I don’t understand wearing florescent colors. Looks like a sissy.