Pete Carroll Should Not Go to Atlanta

Much like I said about Cam Cameron last week, coaches looking to make jumps need to ponder the situation they’re going to. Some people get so blinded by the thought of a promotion that they go to a bad team, perform poorly, and get canned for good. I’m not saying that Pete Carroll wouldn’t be able to turn around the Falcons or that he wouldn’t get another head coaching offer if he failed in Atlanta, I’m just saying it’s not a good situation to walk into.

In Atlanta, you have no quarterback, and not too many playmakers on defense. Though they’re in a good spot under the cap, they don’t have too many weapons to speak of. Additionally, you’d be working for Arthur Blank whose nose seems to be in the middle of all the football business. I highly doubt Carroll wants that around. Sure it would be good money, but why would it be worth it? What’s Atlanta going to give him, four years to turn it around? That’s about how long it would take — four or five to be fair. I don’t know if Blank would have that patience, or if Carroll would either. Not to mention, Carroll would go from being a top college coach to being a loser, or at best, mediocre in the NFL with the Falcons. Why would he want to do that?

I just do not see how it would be in Pete Carroll’s interest to leave USC for Atlanta. He has it made in So Cal. The alumni love him, he dominates the Pac-10, and he has a great recruiting base. His squads are perennial national title contenders that always receive respect from pre-season voters. I’m not sure exactly how much he makes, but I’m sure he’s living comfortably. Money can be enticing, but the situation would have to be the selling point for me if I’m Pete Carroll trying to prove I can win in the NFL. It’s the situation, not the money, that’s most important.

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  • JS

    Pete Carroll isn’t going to Atlanta or Washington. Revisit the annual ‘Carroll to the NFL’ next season if Nolan doesn’t show improvement with the Niners.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Hmm, they don’t have much of a QB, and they just brought Martz on board too. I’ll keep my eye out for it though. Remember we all heard it here first.

  • Gene

    Atlanta, probably not. Washington? Hmmmm. If Dan Snyder offers him the same amount of money and control as Joe Gibbs had, then I could see that happening. The team made the playoffs, so it is not the disaster that Miami, Atlanta and the 49ers are. It depends on how strongly Pete feels about having something to prove in the NFL, and none of us really knows the answer to that question.

  • Jeff

    I think Pete has it too good at USC to even think about leaving. There is no upside. Why go from a team that maybe loses 1 or 2 games a year at most to a team that’s going to lose 6 to 10. With USC’s recruiting, they will contend every year for a national championship.

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