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Monday, May 21, 2018

Tim Tebow Won FOX’s Heisman Trophy

We went over a similar issue when the Giants won the Super Bowl. When there’s a big announcement/outcome expected in the sports world and there’s a pre-determined amount of possibilities for how things will turn out, media members will often try to get a jump start on announcing the result first by pre-producing stories for each side. For instance, Reebok had two versions for the Perfectville commercial depending on who won the Super Bowl. When the Giants won, they aired one version and just discarded the other. That means all media outlets had all week to prepare articles and reports for each of the three possible Heisman Trophy winners. Foxsports.com apparently was quite diligent in doing their preparation. Only one problem. As Deadspin points out, they published the wrong winner on their site:

All mistakes aside, I’m not agitated that Sam Bradford won the award, but I would have voted for Colt McCoy. I feel strongly that Bradford had much better weapons with which to work and that McCoy was a greater part of his team’s success than either of the other two candidates. For all the talk about Tebow being a rushing quarterback, McCoy had more yards on fewer carries, and even led his team in rushing. Oh yeah, and he beat Bradford head-to-head. But no, I’m not complaining.

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