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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Daily Darwin: ATM Urinator

Coming from Metro in the UK, some total drunkard idiot in Croatia pissed off he couldn’t buy any beer because he was out of money, took out his frustrations

51-year-old Vladimir Mesic was taken into custody this weekend after climbing on to a litter bin so he could urinate on a cashpoint machine that had swallowed his bank card in the city of Split. He then dropped his trousers and tried to leave a deposit of his own on the machine. It was during this attempt that Mesic was arrested.

Our man Mesic told police that was his way of showing his dissatisfaction. I’ve had my food get stuck in a vending machine before, but I’ve never taken out my frustration by pissing on the machine. Maybe it’s a vindicating feeling. It is worth mentioning that former tennis player Goran “the moron” Ivanisevic also hails from Split, and anytime I have a chance to work Goran Ivanisevic into a post you better believe I will.

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