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Saturday, May 26, 2018

So Jeremy Shockey Gets Passed Out Drunk and We All Have to Hear it?

Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. So Jeremy Shockey goes partying in Las Vegas, gets passed out drunk, and now it becomes a big story? The way TMZ told it it became absurd. They described the story as Shockey being found “unconscious” at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday in the afternoon. I guess “unconscious” would just be their code for “passed out” which is how the rest of us laymen know it. Like for real, who hasn’t drank to the point that they were dehydrated the next day and pretty out of it? All this really means is that Shockey partied way to hard. The fact that TMZ calls it a developing story just shows how much they’re blowing crap out of proportion.

The only significant part of this story, aside from the idiotic way TMZ tries to turn it into a crisis situation, is that Shockey apparently isn’t too brilliant about the way he takes care of himself. I remember when he was featured on the cover of ESPN the Magazine. In the article, they described Shockey’s hard-partying ways and how he would be up all night drinking and partying even the night before an early morning practice. Even if Shockey could make it through a practice, you know that’s not the way he should be handling his business. That was a few years ago. It appears as if nothing has changed — he’s still not taking care of himself well. Any surprise his career’s been a bust based on the talent he possesses? I think not.

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