Joe Paterno: When I Grew Up, Basketball Was a Jewish Game

Once again, we find ourselves with a prominent sports figure who has no filter. At some point the excuse that he’s 97-years-old won’t fly anymore. Here’s Penn State football coach Joe Paterno doing a short guest segment on ESPN’s telecast of the N.I.T. semifinals between Penn St and Notre Dame. Believe me, this is Joe Pa at his finest:

“I grew up in the playgrounds of New York, I tell everybody they all talk about how it’s a black man’s game. When I grew up, it was a Jewish game.” Fair enough, Joe. Maybe he’d also like to inform us on whose game baseball, hockey, and boxing are. American history by Joe Paterno. When will this guy finally step down? I think it’s pretty evident that he’s useless.

Story via HHR, video via AA

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  • SpinMax

    annoys the hell out of me when in a broadcast guys like musberger praise the paternos and bowdens
    for their coaching decisions while the camera clearly shows that they aren’t calling any plays, talking
    to the o coordinator, etc