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Friday, May 25, 2018

Runner Rob Sloan Cheated During Marathon by Jumping on Bus Mid-Race

People run marathons for different reasons. Some do it to get in shape, some consider it a bucket list item, and some do it because completing those 26.2 miles is a crowning achievement. For the most part, people run in marathons for honorable reasons. British runner Rob Sloan is an exception.

FOXSports.com brings us the story of Sloan, who decided to hop on a bus mid-race in order to get an advantage on his competitors. Sloan jumped on the bus at around the 20-mile mark of the Kielder Marathon before getting off around the finish line. The dude hid in the bushes and then jumped out to rejoin the race in time to finish third.

Right, like none of the other top competitors were going to wonder how a guy they hadn’t seen for five miles suddenly finished ahead of them. Even the folks who write those Bugs Bunny cartoons couldn’t have come up with such a devious scheme.

Sloan admitted after the race that he cheated and was later disqualified.

I’d rather lose a marathon by taking a wrong turn a block from the finish line than by being busted for cheating. Not even George Costanza would stoop that low to win a race.

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