Joakim Noah Likes to Shop…

For bongs. There’s been some speculation in the past that Joakim Noah likes to spark it up every now and then, but of course none of us believed it, right? Just because a rookie forgets to bring Krispy Kreme donuts to practice doesn’t mean he was high.  And just because there’s a picture of Joakim Noah shopping for bongs floating around doesn’t mean he smokes weed, right?  Noah’s obviously looking for a new contraption he can use to smoke the stash of tobacco he’s got at home.

The best part of this picture has to be the reader’s comment that went along with it when he sent it in to Deadspin. Here’s his rationale for holding on to the picture since January, when it was taken:

I promised I’d wait until the Bulls started foolishly negotiating with Tracy McGrady’s arthritic knees before I passed this along.”

Joakim Noah Spotted In His Natural Habitat: Shopping For Bongs [Deadspin]

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  • SpinMax

    NBA drug testing is one of the biggest jokes in all sports. supposedly most players use, yet NOBODY ever gets suspended. there’s a webpage out there that lists all the nba disciplinary measures, and you might find 1 drug suspension per year

  • http://www.boxden.com Pat

    Chicago Fire

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4TOKDXV7BEJLJ2OOHGWI72XIMM B-Double-You

    well, it’s certainly not a “performance-enhancing drug.”