Ty Lawson’s Fairly Inappropriate Tweet

Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson is reaching out to the Kardashians, and doing it in a pretty immature way that commissioner David Stern might not be very happy with.  I’m not sure if this is serious enough to warrant any type of punishment, but Twitter is obviously becoming somewhat of a problem in the NBA.  Paul Pierce’s Twitter account was supposedly “hacked” during the playoffs when “someone” wrote about the Celtics sweeping the Magic after they went up 3-0, although that one really shouldn’t bother Stern.  Charlie Villanueva tweeted during halftime in a game against the Celtics last season.  His coach — Scott Skiles — was none too pleased.  Shaq did the same a week later as a way of mocking Villanueva.  His coach — Alvin Gentry — didn’t seem to care at all.

Lawson’s tweet is a bit more inappropriate than the one’s we’ve seen from NBA stars in the past, and Cowboys receiver Miles Austin, the alleged new boyfriend of Kim Kardashian, might be a little offended by this Tweet if they’re indeed dating.  Check out this screen shot of Ty Lawson’s tweet about Kim Kardashian, courtesy of Sports by Brooks Live:

For those of you who don’t excel at reading between the lines or aren’t exactly with the times, he’s using “hit” as a sexual reference.  Tisk tisk, Ty.  Tisk tisk.

UPDATE: Ty Lawson is denying he sent the tweet


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Ty Lawson on Twitter

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Only 17 minutes? He may have been better leaving that out. Maybe someone should remind Lawson that Odom winning was more about being on the Lakers than Khloe.

  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    Maybe he wants her to watch him poop. That can take 17 minutes with a good book.

  • KCV

    Totally unacceptable, shows his lack of class and morals….If I was his mother I would be so embarassed and ashamed. If he has any decent women in his life, I hope they all give him an earful and then some. No, Kim has not made the best decisions, but it’s not cute or funny to knock someone just to get a laugh…sounds like an ignorant ass to me, hope he has 17 minutes with Karma Kardashian soon!

  • Miss me_deuces

    I think it’s funny…damn people lighten up it’s not that serious.