Michael Sam kiss debate leads Dallas talk show host to walk off set (Video)

Amy KushnirThe kiss(es) Michael Sam shared with his boyfriend Vito Cammisano upon being drafted in the seventh round on Saturday instantly became a huge talking point and resulted in no shortage of controversy.

Everybody has an opinion on the matter. Some applauded ESPN’s decision to televise the entire emotional reaction; some would have preferred for the intimate acts to be left out; and many more were downright offended by the site of two men kissing, which says more to me about them than anything else.

Days after the kiss, the arguments have persisted and even led one talk show host to walk off a set because she was so frustrated at having her views challenged.

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The video above comes from a show called “The Broadcast” on KTXD in Dallas. Two of the four women have a more progressive view regarding the kiss (Lisa Pineiro and Courtney Kerr), while the other two (Amy Kushnir and Suzie Humphreys) have a conservative/outraged view. Kushnir grows so frustrated with the discussion that by the end of the segment, she takes her stuff and walks off the set.

Even though she will receive a lot of negative press for this, I thought she was completely composed during the debate and handled herself well while expressing her opinion. I don’t post this to mock her, but rather to illustrate how sensitive this topic has become.

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  • Dave Lammers

    don’t be a hater as long as they ask jesus to forgive them of there sims

  • Dave Lammers

    last time I checked there was 149 other chanels

  • Dave Lammers

    if it was two women kissing I bet you would like watching it

  • richardolsonhatesAmerica

    Are you ‘tarded?

  • Kassandra

    you apparently missed the part where Sam smeared cake on his bf’s face then proceeded to kiss and lick it up. they didn’t show that with any other of the 256 picks.

  • Kassandra

    i get your point and yes, it’s obvious ESPN was trying to make money with the coverage. the only bad publicity is no publicity, right? they needed whatever good publicity they could given that their coverage of the entire draft was atrocious, and their analysts are idiots (i.e. Trent Dilfer).

    the truly sad part is that we’ve heard about this (and Manziel’s selection) more than we heard about the very first pick in the draft, Jadeveon Clowny. milestone or not, gay or straight, black or white — no single player’s selection should overshadow that of the first pick in the draft; especially when a team like the Texans is going to need his help as badly as it will.