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Monday, June 18, 2018

Ex-Raiderette Nicole Rosenstiel Suing Vacaville Police for Sexual Harassment

Ex-Raiderette cheerleader Nicole Rosenstiel filed a $1.5 million lawsuit this week alleging that she was sexually harassed by her Vacaville policemen co-workers. Rosenstiel says she was ostracized because of her cheerleader past (she worked for the Raiders from 1997-2001). Here’s a sampling of what she says she faced:

According to the suit, during a change of shift one day, a sergeant “asked for a show of hands by those officers who wanted to see plaintiff naked,” the suit says. One officer told Rosenstiel in front of other officers, “Nice rack,” according to the complaint.

“Her supervisor told her that she should not work out in the department’s gym because she would draw attention to herself because of her appearance,” the suit said. “Altered photographs of her and Oakland Raiders ‘Raiderettes’ were posted with a caption, ‘Stay away from my daddy, bitch.’ “

Policemen being chauvinists to an attractive female coworker? Naw, who would believe that? Rosenstiel has been on unpaid leave since 2009 so it’s likely she could use some money. If her allegations are true, she probably is entitled to quite a bit. You just have to wonder if they would have treated Raiderette Susie Sanchez the same way.

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