Nothing Says ‘I’m Sorry’ Quite Like a Hope Solo Myspace Apology

Hey look, if you’re an elite player and the coach screwed the team by putting someone in the lineup who was inferior to you, then the coach is the idiot. And if you call him out on his crap, then that’s OK. What’s not cool, is apologizing for ripping into your coach after he made an idiotic decision that cost the team. What’s even worse than that, is apologizing on a Myspace blog, which is exactly what the now infamous Hope Solo did (allegedly):

I have felt compelled to clear the air regarding many of my postgame comments on Thursday night. I am not proud or happy the way things have come out. Although I stand strong in everything I said, the true disheartening moment for me was realizing it could look as though I was taking a direct shot at my own teamate. I would never throw such a low blow. Never. Many of this goes way beyond anyone’s understanding, and is simply hard to justify.

For those who despise me, well, I can only hope that in due time you can find the understanding needed to forgive me.

Is this really her? Are you serious? She really thinks people would waste their time despising her? Don’t we all have better things to do? Oh yeah, and two words for you, Hope: Spell Check. I can’t be too certain it’s her, but if she chose a Myspace blog entry as her outlet to the world, well, then I’m not so sure I want to be part of the new day in age. People who use blogs to get a point across are losers.

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  • http://pointguardu.com NICK

    I hate soccer but Hope Solo is awesomely HOT! She should have been in that game (riding 300 minutes plus without allowing a goal). She had every right to blow up the coach and the other goalie, not so much the other goalie but by saying she could have made them saves we all knew exactly what she was hinting at and i for one find nothing wrong with it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/S2EHDOSX3J6TOI6GXWM5BQIR6Y atomic

    Yeah Larry, the myspace blog is so passe in the “new age” as you say…right. and you’re just too cool with your trendy twitter. At least in a blogspace one can write actual paragraphs versus the “microblogging” BS…loser