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Monday, December 11, 2017

Shaq told son’s team he would take them to Hooters if they won the championship

There are a number of different ways an adult’s message to a group of children could be lost in translation, but Hooters is universal. Shaquille O’Neal claims he once proved that as he was coaching his young son’s team to a championship victory. On Thursday night in New York, Shaq was honored as one of the “Fathers of the Year.” During his speech, he gave a couple of examples of times in which his great parenting skills were put to use.

“We made it all the way to the championship game,” Shaq explained according to Sports Illustrated. “We were down by eight with two minutes left. So I gave the only speech I could think to give. I said, ‘If we win this, I’ll take you to Hooters.’ And we won by six, so I guess it worked!”

Shaq has six kids, so he knows a little something about what motivates children. He also has four NBA championship rings, so he knows quite a bit about winning big games as well. The effectiveness of motivational speeches may vary from young children to professional athletes, but Hooters speaks to everyone. Who doesn’t like delicious wings and — well, you know. And if you can’t trust a massive guy who does stuff like this, who can you trust?

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