Three girls ran onto the field at the CWS, recorded themselves on video

Hill girls streak College World Series

Three girls who all appear to be related ran onto the field at the College World Series on Tuesday night, recorded themselves doing it on video, and talked about it before and after on Twitter. Let me just tell you this: these girls tweeted some gems.

So here’s the setup. The girls in question are Kayleigh Hill, Emily Hill, and Torrie Hill, and they’re from Omaha, Neb. They were at the final game of the CWS, which UCLA won 8-0 over Mississippi State to win their first baseball title in school history.

Early in the game, Kayleigh Hill first told the Twitter world that the three would run onto the field if they could raise enough money to cover the fine:

Then, during the sixth inning, two of the Hill girls announced their plans on Twitter to run out onto the field:

They went through with the plan, and Kayleigh was crazy enough to selfie-record the whole thing on Vine and post it to her Twitter, though she later removed the video. You can still see what it looked like in this GIF:

And here are some great images from the escape:

So how did that all work? Did she edit that video and post it while in jail?

Torrie says she got off because she’s a minor, but the other two were detained.

Was it worth it?

And then here’s the tweet of the millennium:

Make an arrest and score a date in the same night? That would be a heck of a pull for the security guard.

The girls and their friends even started a #freeteamhill movement on Twitter that seemed to catch on.

Well executed. I guess this is a perfect example of technology in 2013 working for you.

That was easily our favorite fan running onto the field story since this one.

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  • Adam Halter

    Appear to be related? It’s Nebraska, isn’t everyone related there?

  • Joe Grell

    It would have been better if they would have been pepper sprayed! Who would give money to these bimbos?

  • Gary l Robertson

    what fun, you go girls,hahaha,

  • HD Case

    Anger management much? If you can’t laugh out loud about this…I see a shrink in your future.

  • HavocNHell

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    Before this series even started, the World Herald in Omaha published an article on June 12th saying that the CWS and the NCAA wanted to nip this problem in the bud and that they would prosecute anyone that ran on the field to the fullest extent of the law from now on. There is brand new signage all over the park as well with this warning. The non-minor girls involved here (one is a minor) were both charged with criminal trespass (a Class III misdemeanor), booked into Douglas County Corrections here in Omaha, and they are both facing fines of up to $500.00 and/or 3 months in jail. In light of the publicity and attention given to this issue before the Series even started, don’t be surprised if these girls are made an example of.

    Epically stupid to say the least.

  • CLW

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  • Bon

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  • Rusty Shackleford

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  • kamrom dechu

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  • s_lock

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  • s_lock

    im all for more of these moronic sporting events to be upstaged with antics such as this

  • s_lock

    what is stupid is pretending these evens are sacrosanct

  • Bruiser in Houston

    I keep hearing that children are our future. These morons (no doubt Obama fans) make me think the end is near for these United States.

  • moose

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