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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Will the Ball Camera Further Revolutionize the In-Home Sports Experience?

Apparently the sky is the limit for technology that will continue to improve the in-home sports experience. Professional sports organizations are already concerned that advancements like high definition and DVR will entice people to remain home to watch their favorite team rather than pay hundreds of dollars for the stadium experience.  Why else would the NFL force teams to put information like this on stadium scoreboards?

If and when the concept is perfected, the ball camera should take things a step further.  Over the years inventions like the field cam, helmet cam, and catcher’s cam have changed the way we watch our favorite teams.  The ball camera would open up a world of new possibilities.  The Post Game shared a video with us that explains the throwable ball camera. Check it out:

Jonas Pfeil, the creator of the device, said it would be interesting to try incorporating the ball camera into athletic competition.  The potential for greatness is pretty obvious, as we would be able to see a picture or video of the flight of an actual football or soccer ball just before a player catches a touchdown pass or right before the ball zips past the goalie.  It’s only a matter of time.

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