Aaron Rodgers: College professor gave me an ‘F’, laughed at thought of NFL career

Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers fans can thank one of Aaron Rodgers’ college professors at Cal for helping to provide them with arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. The job of a college professor is to educate and prepare their students for the future, not try to discourage them from fulfilling their lifelong goals. On his weekly radio appearance with ESPN Milwaukee on Tuesday (via SportsRapport.com), Rodgers told a story about a professor who did just that.

Rodgers, who reminded people that he was second-team all-academic while at UC Berkeley, said the professor ripped him apart for not citing a source properly. She gave him an “F” and a lecture about how athletes always expect everything to be handed to them.

“To get to the best part of the story, she’s looking at me, condescending, talking down to me,” Rodgers explained. “And she says, ‘What do you want to do with yourself?’

“I said, ‘I want to play in the NFL.’

“She laughed. She laughed at me. It was a condescending laugh and she said, ‘You’ll never make it. You’ll get hurt. You’ll need your education, and you’re not gonna make it through school here.’

“I said, ‘OK. I don’t agree with any of that.'”

Sounds like somebody took a guess and guessed wrong. Most people didn’t expect Rodgers to be as good as he is, but he was drafted in the first round for a reason. The teacher was likely trying to curb his expectations to make them more realistic like my college advisor who told me there are too many people who write about sports in the world, but Rodgers clearly used it to his advantage. Packers nation owes that woman a “thank you.” As Rodgers showed us in this postgame interview, he still enjoys silencing the doubters.

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  • Louis Walker

    It’s amazing how some stereotypes just never go away.  Certainly there are many pro athletes that are a few I.Q. points shy of short of Mensa membership, and the same cliche is applied to the military.  What critics ignore is the extreme complexity involved in playing pro sports, especially at skill positions like QB.  Stupid doesn’t cut it, at least not for long.  And if we apply the same yardstick to virtually any profession including the pure sciences we can find countless examples of people who are “stupid-smart”.  Dismissing an entire profession with a cliche is….stupid.

  • foramericatoo

     Well, that was a very smart comment to make.  The smartest thing I’ve read all week!
    Nice job smart guy!

  • carl6352

    similar experience. i was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma and told by my surgeon i would die on the operating table, when i survived i would die in icu, when i survived he said i would die during chemo. those statements told to my wife also pissed me off so much i vowed to survive and go back and punch him in the face. well long story short i survived on hospice and instead beating the crap out of him i thanked him. i have been in remission for over 7 years and the surgeon is now heading the surgery department in some philly hospital. as a parting shot i mailed his office plaque to him. it was bronze and cost a bundle to mail. i also put a note in there with my name surgery date and thanked for pissing me off.  it was worth every penny. lol

  • Dirk Craft

    That is almost standard procedure for Doctors.  They say that so patients will fight harder.  Try genuinly thanking that Doctor for helping you fight instead of filling you with false hope so you let your guard down. Thats nothing like a professor speaking condescendingly to a student.

  • carl6352

    what i was mad about was he said these to my wife then me. now what if it had been your wife on the table and he said that to you?